"""Exceptions for use in Roundup's web interface. """ __docformat__ = 'restructuredtext' from roundup.exceptions import LoginError, Unauthorised import cgi class HTTPException(Exception): pass class Redirect(HTTPException): pass class NotFound(HTTPException): pass class NotModified(HTTPException): pass class FormError(ValueError): """An 'expected' exception occurred during form parsing. That is, something we know can go wrong, and don't want to alarm the user with. We trap this at the user interface level and feed back a nice error to the user. """ pass class SendFile(Exception): """Send a file from the database.""" class SendStaticFile(Exception): """Send a static file from the instance html directory.""" class SeriousError(Exception): """Raised when we can't reasonably display an error message on a templated page. The exception value will be displayed in the error page, HTML escaped. """ def __str__(self): return """ Roundup issue tracker: An error has occurred


"""%cgi.escape(self.args[0]) # vim: set filetype=python sts=4 sw=4 et si :