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1This file contains the changes to the Roundup system over time. The entries
2are given with the most recent entry first.
42010-??0?? 1.5.1
7- Handle multiple @action values from broken trackers.
8- Accept single-character subject lines
9- xmlrpc handling of unicode characters and binary values, see
11 thanks to Hauke Duden for reporting these.
12- frontends/roundup.cgi got out of sync with the roundup.cgi.Client API
13- Default to "text/plain" if no Content-Type header is present in email
14 (thanks Hauke Duden)
15- Small documentation update regarding debugging aids (Bernhard Reiter)
182010-02-23 1.5.0
21- The email for the first message on an issue was having its In-Reply-To
22 set to itself (thanks Eric Kow)
252010-02-19 1.4.13
28- Multilink edit fields lose their values (thanks Will Maier)
312010-02-09 1.4.12 (r4455)
34- Support IMAP CRAM-MD5, thanks Jochen Maes
37- Proper handling of 'Create' permissions in both mail gateway (earlier
38 commit r4405 by Richard), web interface, and xmlrpc. This used to
39 check 'Edit' permission previously. See
41 Add regression tests for proper handling of 'Create' and 'Edit'
42 permissions.
43- Fix handling of non-ascii in realname in the nosy mailer, this used to
44 mangle the email address making it unusable when replying. Thanks to
45 intevation for funding the fix.
46- Fix documentation on user required to run the tests, fixes
47 issue2550618, thanks to Chris aka 'radioking'
48- Add simple doc about translating customised tracker content
49- Add "flup" setup documentation, thanks Christian Glass
50- Fix "Web Access" permission check to allow serving of static files to
51 Anonymous again
52- Add check for "Web Access" permission in all web templating permission
53 checks
54- Improvements in upgrading documentation, thanks Christian Glass
55- Display 'today' in the account user's timezone, thanks David Wolever
56- Fix file handle leak in some web interfaces with logging turned on,
57 fixes issue1675845
58- Attempt to generate more human-readable addresses in email, fixes
59 issue2550632
60- Allow value to be specified to multilink form element templating, fixes
61 issue2550613, thanks David Wolever
62- Fix thread safety with stdin in roundup-server, fixes issue2550596
63 (thanks Werner Hunger)
662009-12-21 1.4.11 (r4413)
69- Generic class editor may now restore retired items (thanks Ralf Hemmecke)
72- Fix security hole allowing user permission escalation (thanks Ralf
73 Schlatterbeck)
74- More SSL fixes. SSL wants the underlying socket non-blocking. So we
75 don't call socket.setdefaulttimeout in case of SSL. This apparently
76 never raises a WantReadError from SSL.
77 This also fixes a case where a WantReadError is raised and apparently
78 the bytes already read are dropped (seems the WantReadError is really
79 an error, not just an indication to retry).
80- Correct initial- and end-handshakes for SSL
81- Update FAQ to mention infinite redirects with pathological settings of
82 the tracker->web variable. Closes issue2537286, thanks to "stuidge"
83 for reporting.
84- Fix some format errors in italian translation file
85- Some bugs issue classifiers were causing database lookup errors
86- Fix security-problem: If user hasn't permission on a message (notably
87 files and content properties) and is on the nosy list, the content was
88 sent via email. We now check that user has permission on the message
89 content and files properties. Thanks to Intevation for funding this
90 fix.
91- Fix traceback on .../msgN/ url, this requests the file content and for
92 apache mod_wsgi produced a traceback because the mime type is None for
93 messages, fixes issue2550586, thanks to Thomas Arendsen Hein for
94 reporting and to Intevation for funding the fix.
95- Handle OPTIONS http request method in wsgi handler, fixes issue2550587.
96 Thanks to Thomas Arendsen Hein for reporting and to Intevation for
97 funding the fix.
98- Add documentation for migrating to the Register permission and
99 fix mailgw to use Register permission, fixes issue2550599
100- Fix styling of calendar to make it more usable, fixes issue2550608
101- Fix typo in email section of user guide, fixes issue2550607
102- Fix WSGI response code (thanks Peter Pöml)
103- Fix linking of an existing item to a newly created item, e.g.
104 edit action in web template is name="issue-1@link@msg" value="msg1"
105 would trigger a traceback about an unbound variable.
106 Add new regression test for this case. May be related to (now closed)
107 issue1177477. Thanks to Intevation for funding the fix.
108- Clean up all the places where role processing occurs. This is now in a
109 central place in hyperdb.Class and is used consistently throughout.
110 This also means now a template can override the way role processing
111 occurs (e.g. for elaborate permission schemes). Thanks to intevation
112 for funding the change.
113- Fix issue2550606 (german translation bug) "an hour" is only used in
114 the context "in an hour" or "an hour ago" which translates to german
115 "in einer Stunde" or "vor einer Stunde". So "an hour" is translated
116 "einer Stunde" (which sounds wrong at first). Also note that
117 already has a comment saying "XXX this is internationally broken" --
118 but at least there's a workaround for german :-) Thanks to Chris
119 (radioking) for reporting.
1222009-10-09 1.4.10 (r4374)
125- Minor update of doc/developers.txt to point to the new resources
126 on (Bernhard Reiter)
127- Small CSS improvements regaring the search box (thanks Thomas Arendsen Hein)
128 (issue 2550589)
129- Indexers behaviour made more consistent regarding length of indexed words
130 and stopwords (thanks Thomas Arendsen Hein, Bernhard Reiter)(issue 2550584)
131- fixed typos in the installation instructions (thanks Thomas Arendsen Hein)
132 (issue 2550573)
133- New config option csv_field_size: Pythons csv module (which is used
134 for export/import) has a new field size limit starting with python2.5.
135 We now issue a warning during export if the limit is too small and use
136 the csv_field_size configuration during import to set the limit for
137 the csv module. (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
138- Small fix for CGI-handling of XMLRPC requests for python2.4, this
139 worked only for 2.5 and beyond due to a change in the xmlrpc interface
140 in python (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
141- Document filter method of xmlrpc interface (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
142- Fix interaction of SSL and XMLRPC, now XMLRPC works with SSL
143 (Ralf Schlatterbeck)
1452009-08-10 1.4.9 (r4346)
148- fixed action taken in response to invalid GET request
149- fixed classic tracker template to submit POST requests when appropriate
150- fix problems with french and german locale files (issue 2550546)
151- Run each message of the mail-gateway in a separate transaction,
152 see
153- fix problem with bounce-message if incoming mail has insufficient
154 privilege, e.g., user not existing (issue 2550534)
155- fix construction of individual messages to nosy recipents with
156 attachments (issue 2550568)
157- re-order sqlite imports to handle multiple installed versions (issue
158 2550570)
159- don't show entire history by default
160 (fixes
161- remove use of string exception
1642009-03-18 1.4.8 (r4209)
167- bug introduced into hyperdb filter (issue 2550505)
168- bug introduced into CVS export and view (issue 2550529)
169- bugs introduced in the migration to the email package (issue 2550531)
170- handle bogus pagination values (issue 2550530)
171- fix TLS handling with some SMTP servers (issues 2484879 and 1912923)
1742009-03-13 1.4.7 (r4202)
177- Provide a "no selection" option in web interface selection widgets
178- Debug logging now uses the logging module rather than print
179- Allow CGI frontend to serve XMLRPC requests.
180- Added XMLRPC actions, as well as bridging CGI actions to XMLRPC actions.
181- Optimized large file serving via mod_python / sendfile().
182- Support resuming downloads for (large) files.
185- a number of security issues were discovered by Daniel Diniz
186- EditCSV and ExportCSV altered to include permission checks
187- HTTP POST required on actions which alter data
188- HTML file uploads served as application/octet-stream
189- Handle Unauthorised in file serving correctly
190- New item action reject creation of new users
191- Item retirement was not being controlled
192- Roundup is now compatible with Python 2.6
193- Improved French and German translations
194- Improve consistency of item sorting in HTML interface
195- Various other small bug fixes, robustification and optimisation
1982008-09-01 1.4.6
200- Fix bug introduced in 1.4.5 in RDBMS full-text indexing
201- Make URL matching code less matchy
202- Try to clarify mail_domain config setting
2052008-08-19 1.4.5
207- Add use of username/password stored in ~/.netrc in mailgw (sf patch
208 #1912105)
211- 'Make a Copy' failed with more than one person in nosy list (sf #1906147)
212- xml-rpc security checks and tests across all backends (sf #1907211)
213- Send a Precedence header in email so (well-written) autoresponders don't
214- Fix mailgw total failure bounce message generation (thanks Bradley Dean)
215- Fix for postgres 8.3 compatibility (and bug) (sf patch #2030479 and bug
216 #1959261)
217- Fix for translations (sf patch #2032526)
218- Fire reactors after file storage is all done (sf patch #2001243)
219- Allow negative ids other than -1 for item generation (sf patch #1982481)
220- Better German translation for retiring users (sf #1998701)
221- More improvements to German translation (sf #1919446)
222- Add filter() to XML-RPC interface (sf patch #1966456)
223- Fix IndexError when there are no messages to an issue (sf patch #1894249)
224- Prevent broken pipe errors in csv export (sf patch #1911449)
225- New session API and cleanup thanks anatoly t.
226- Make WSGI handler threadsafe (sf #1968027)
227- Improved URL matching RE (sf #2038858)
228- Allow binary file content submission via XML-RPC (sf #1995623)
229- Don't run old code on newer database (sf #1979556)
230- Fix HTML injection into page title
231- Fix indexer handling of indexed Link properties (sf #1936876)
2342008-03-01 1.4.4
236- Security fixes (thanks Roland Meister)
2392008-02-27 1.4.3
241- MySQL backend bug introduced in 1.4.2 (TEXT columns need a size when
242 being indexed)
2452008-02-08 1.4.2
247- New config option in mail section: ignore_alternatives allows to
248 ignore alternatives besides the text/plain part used for the content
249 of a message in multipart/alternative attachments.
250- Admin copy of error email from mailgw includes traceback (thanks Ulrik
251 Mikaelsson)
252- Messages created through the web are now given an in-reply-to header
253 when email out to nosy (thanks Martin v. Löwis)
254- Nosy messages now include more information about issues (all link
255 properties with a "name" attribute) (thanks Martin v. Löwis)
258- Searching date range by supplying just a date as the filter spec
259- Handle no time.tzset under Windows (sf #1825643)
260- Fix race condition in file storage transaction commit (sf #1883580)
261- Make user utils JS work with firstname/lastname again (sf #1868323)
262- Fix ZRoundup to work with Zope 2.8.5 (sf #1806125)
263- Fix race condition for key properties in rdbms backends (sf #1876683)
264- Handle Reject in mailgw final set/create (sf #1826425)
2672007-11-09 1.4.1
269- Removed some metakit references
2722007-11-04 1.4.0
274- Roundup has a new xmlrpc frontend that gives access to a tracker using
276- Dates can now be in the year-range 1-9999
277- The metakit backend has been removed
278- Add simple anti-spam recipe to docs
279- Allow customisation of regular expressions used in email parsing, thanks
280 Bruno Damour
281- Italian translation by Marco Ghidinelli
282- Multilinks take any iterable
283- config option: specify port and local hostname for SMTP connections
284- Tracker index templating (i.e. when roundup_server is serving multiple
285 trackers) (sf bug 1058020)
286- config option: Limit nosy attachments based on size (Philipp Gortan)
287- roundup_server supports SSL via pyopenssl
288- templatable 404 not found messages (sf bug 1403287)
289- Unauthorized email includes a link to the registration page for
290 the tracker
291- config options: control whether author info/email is included in email
292 sent by roundup
293- support for receiving OpenPGP MIME messages (signed or encrypted)
296- Handling of unset Link search in RDBMS backend
297- Journal export of anydbm didn't correctly export previously empty values
298- Fix handling of defaults for date fields
299- Fix <form> name in user editing to allow multilink popups to work
300- Fix form handling of editing existing hyperdb items from a new item page.
301- Added new rdbms-indexes for full-text index which will speed up
302 reindexing.
303- Turning off indexing for content properties of FileClass instance
304 (e.g., "file" and "msg") now works for SQL backends.
305- Enabled over-riding of content-type in web interface (thanks
306 John Mitchell)
307- Validate user timezones to filter bad entries (sf bug 1738470)
308- Classic template allows searching for issues with no topic set
309 (sf bug 1610787)
310- xapian_indexer uses current API for stemming (Rick Benavidez)
311 (sf bug 1771414)
312- Ensure email addresses are unique (sf bug 1611787)
313- roundup_admin tracks uncommitted changes in interactive mode
314 for all backends (sf bug 1297014)
315- add template search path for easy_install (Marek Kubica)
316- don't spam the roundup admin on client shutdowns (Ulrik Mikaelsson)
317- respect umask on filestorage backends (Ulrik Mikaelsson) (sf bug 1744328)
318- cope with spam robots posting multiple instances of the same form
319- include the author of property-only changes in generated messages
320- fuller email validation in templates (sf feature 1216291)
321- cope with bad cookies from other apps on same domain (sf bug 1691708)
322- updated Spanish translation from Ramiro Morales
323- clean up query display of "Private to you items" (sf bug 1481394)
324- use local timezone for mail date header (sf bug 1658173)
325- allow CSV export of queries on selected issues (sf bug 1783492)
326- remove blobfiles on destroy (sf bug 1654132)
327- handle postgres exceptions during session cleanup (sf bug 1703116)
328- update Xapian indexer to use current API
329- handle export and import of old trackers that have data attached to
330 journal "create" events
331- fix a couple more old instances of "type" instead of "ENGINE" for mysql
332 backend
333- make LinkHTMLProperty handle non-existing keys (sf patch 1815895)
3362007-02-15 1.3.3
338- If-Modified-Since handling was broken
339- Updated documentation for customising hard-coded searches in page.html
340- Updated Windows installation docs (thanks Bo Berglund)
341- Handle rounding of seconds generating invalid date values
342- Handle 8-bit untranslateable messages from database properties
343- Fix scripts/roundup-reminder date calculation (sf bug 1649979)
344- Improved due_date and timelog customisation docs (sf bug 1625124)
3472006-12-19 1.3.2
349- relax rules for required fields in (sf bug 1599740)
350- documentation cleanup from Luke Ross (sf patch 1594860)
351- updated Spanish translation from Ramiro Morales (sf patch 1594718)
352- handle 8-bit untranslateable messages in tracker templates
353- handling of required for boolean False and numeric 0 (sf bug 1608200)
354- removed bogus args attr of ConfigurationError (sf bug 1608056)
355- implemented start_response in roundup.cgi (sf bug 1604304)
356- clarified windows service documentation (sf patch 1597713)
357- HTMLClass fixed to work with new item permissions check (sf bug 1602983)
358- support POP over SSL (sf patch 1597703)
359- clean up input field generation and quoting of values (sf bug 1615616)
360- allow use of roundup-server pidfile without forking (sf bug 1614753)
361- allow translation of status/priority menu options (sf bug 1613976)
3642006-11-11 1.3.1
366- had broken reference to roundup.cgi (sf bug 1593573)
367- full-text search wasn't coping with multiple multilinks to the same class
368- unicode / sqlite 3 problem (sf bug 1589292)
3712006-11-09 1.3.0
373- WSGI support via roundup.cgi.wsgi_handler
376- sqlite module detection was broken for python 2.5 compiled without sqlite
377 support
378- fixed support for pysqlite2 (version 2.1.0 is the minimum version
379 supported)
380- roundup-server called setuid when run by non-root user
381- fix sort/group direction checkbox in issue.index.html (sf bug 1593025)
382- fix error detection for non-EN locales of postgres (sf bug 1592249)
383- fix email change note rendering of multiline properties (sf patch 1575223)
384- fix sidebar search links (sf patch 1574467)
385- nicer "permission required" messages (sf patch 1558183)
386- fix unstable ordering of detectors (sf bug 1585378)
3892006-10-07 1.2.1
391- E-mail subject line prefix delimiter configuration was being ignored.
392- Password confirm field in user editing.
3952006-10-04 1.2.0
397- supports Python 2.5, including the sqlite3 module
398- full timezone support (sf patch 1465296)
399- handle connection loss when responding to web requests
400- match incoming mail In-Reply-To against existing messages when no issue
401 id is specified in the Subject
402- added StringHTMLProperty wrapped() method to wrap long lines in issue
403 display
404- include the popcal in Date field editing and search fields by default
405- @required in forms may now specify properties of linked items (sf patch
406 1507093)
407- update for latest version of pysqlite (sf bug 1487098; patch 1534227)
408- update for latest version of psycopg2 (sf patch 1429391)
409- new "exporttables" command in roundup-admin (sf bug 1533791)
410- roundup-admin "export" may specify classes to exclude (sf bug 1533791)
411- sorting and grouping by multiple properties is now supported by the
412 backends *and* the classic template.
413- sorting, grouping, and searching by transitive properties (e.g.,
414 is now supported in all backends
415- added filter_sql to SQL backends which takes an arbitrary SQL statement
416 and returns a list of item ids
420- Verbose option for import and export (sf bug 1505645)
421- -c option for roundup-mailgw won't accept parameter (sf bug 1505649)
422- '?' in rfc2822-encoded header isn't quoted (sf bug 1505663)
423- fix error message in form parser
424- updated ZRoundup for Zope 2.9 (sf patch 1511734)
425- fix timelog example in customisation doc to mention permissions
426- nicer listing of Superseder links (sf non-patch 1497767)
427- include roundup-server.ini.example (sf bug 1493859)
428- dumb bug in cgi templating utils (sf bug 1490176)
429- handle unicode in query names (sf bug 1495702)
430- fix error during mailgw bouncing message (sf bug 1413501)
431- hyperdb handling of empty raw values for Multilink and Password (sf bug
432 1507814)
433- don't int() ids (sf bug 1512939)
434- fix importing into anydbm backend (sf bug 1512939)
435- fix help message for roundup-admin install (sf bug 1494990)
436- removed traceback with OTK is used multiple times (sf bug 1240539)
437- metakit backend was indexing FileClass content even when asked not to
438- anydbm backend will finally sort numerically by ID
439- problem with string sorting in anydbm backend fixed: If a string was
440 fully numeric it was sorted as a number
441- Multilink-sorting now sorts by orderprop not by ID and works for all
442 backends
443- Bug with name-collisions in sorted classes when sorting by Link
444 properties in metakit backend fixed
445- Postgres backend allows transaction collisions to be ignored when
446 committing cleanup in the sessions database
447- translate titles of "show all" and "unassigned" issue lists
448 in classic template (sf patch 1424576)
449- "as" is a keyword in Python 2.6
450- "from __future__" statments need to be first line of file in Python 2.6
451- better conflict retry in postgresql backend (sf bug 1552809)
452- fix time log example (sf bug 1554630)
4552006-04-27 1.1.2
457- server-ctl script uses server configuration file (sf bug 1443805)
458- mail user interface translated (sf patch 1462491)
461- progress display in roundup-admin reindex
462- bug in menu() permission filter (sf bug 1444440)
463- indexing may be turned off for FileClass "content" now
464 ("content" and "type" properties are now automatically included in the
465 FileClass schema where previously the "content" property was faked and
466 "type" was optional)
467- verbose output during import is optional now (sf bug 1475624)
468- escape *all* uses of "schema" in mysql backend (sf bug 1472120)
469- responses to user rego email (sf bug 1470254)
470- dangling connections in session handling (sf bug 1463359)
471- reduced frequency of session timestamp update
472- classhelp popup pagination forgot about "type" (sf bug 1465836)
473- umask is now configurable (with the same 0002 default)
474- sorting of entries in classhelp popup (sf bug 1449000)
475- allow single digit seconds in date spec (sf bug 1447141)
476- prevent generation of new single-digit seconds dates (sf bug 1429390)
477- implement close() on all indexers (sf bug 1242477)
4802006-03-03 1.1.1
482- failure with browsers not sending "Accept-Language" header
483 (sf bugs 1429646 and 1435335)
484- translate class name in "required property not supplied" error message
485 (sf bug 1429669)
486- error in link property lookups with numeric-alike key values (sf bug 1424550)
487- ignore UTF-8 BOM in .po files
488- add permission filter to menu() implementations (sf bug 1431188)
489- lithuanian translation updated by Nerijus Baliunas (sf patch 1411175)
490- incompatibility with python2.3 in the mailer module (sf bug 1432602)
491- typo in SMTP TLS option name: "MAIL_TLS_CERFILE" (sf bug 1435452)
492- email obfuscation code in html templating is more robust
493- blank-title subject line handling (sf bug 1442121)
494- "All users may only view and edit issues, files and messages they
495 create" example in docs (sf bug 1439086)
496- saving of queries (sf bug 1436169)
497- "Adding a new constrained field to the classic schema" example in docs
498 (sf bug 1433118)
499- security check in mailgw (sf bug 1442145)
500- "clear this message" (sf bug 1429367)
501- escape all uses of "schema" in mysql backend (sf bug 1397569)
502- date spec wasn't allowing week intervals
5052006-02-10 1.1.0
507- trackers may configure custom stop-words for the full-text indexer
508- login may now be for a single session (and this is the default)
509- trackers may hide exceptions from web users (they will be mailed to the
510 tracker admin) (hiding is the default)
511- include "clear this message" link in the "ok" message bar
514- fixes in scripts/
515- fix some unicode bugs in roundup-admin import
516- Xapian indexer wasn't actually being used and its reindexing of existing
517 data was busted to boot
518- roundup-admin import wasn't indexing message content
519- allow dispname to be passed to renderWith (sf bug 1424587)
520- rename dispname to @dispname to avoid name clashes in the future
521- fixed schema migration problem when Class keys were removed
5242006-02-03 1.0.1
526- scripts/ will import a tracker from Sourceforge.NET
527- added hasRole() to HTMLUser
530- SQL generation for sort/group by separate Link properties (sf bug
531 1417565)
532- fix timezone offsetting in email Date: header
533- fix security check for hasPermission('Permission', None)
5362006-01-27 1.0
538- Lithuanian translation by Aiste Kesminaite
539- Web User Interface language selection by form variable @language,
540 browser cookie or HTTP header Accept-Language (sf patch 1360321)
541- initial values for configuration options may be passed on
542 'roundup-admin install' command line (based on sf patch 1237110)
543- favicon.ico image may be changed with server config option (sf patch 1355661)
544- Password objects initialized from plaintext remember plaintext value
545 (sf rfe 1379447)
546- Roundup installation document includes configuration example
547 for Exim Internet Mailer (sf bug 1393860)
548- enable registration confirmation by web only (sf bug 1381675)
549- allow preselection of values in templating menu()s (sf patch 1396085)
550- display the query name in the header (sf feature 1298535 / patch 1349387)
551- classhelp works with Link properties now (sf bug 1410290)
552- added setorderprop() and setlabelprop() to Class (sf features 1379534,
553 1379490)
554- CSV encoding support (sf bug 1240848)
555- fields rendered with StructuredText are hyperlinked by default
556- additional attributes for input element may be passed to the 'field'
557 method of a property wrapper
558- added "copy_url" method to generate a URL for copying an item
561- MySQL now creates String columns using the TEXT column type
562- password.crypt won't work with md5 passwords (sf bug 1372253)
563- use quoted printable encoding for nosy attachments that have MIME
564 type 'text/plain' but contain 8-bit characters (sf bug 1381559)
565- login name and email address fields in the classic template
566 are highlighted as required fields (sf bug 1392364)
567- french translation updated by Patrick Decat (sf patch 1397059)
568- HTTP authorization takes precedence over session cookie (sf bug 1396134)
569- enforce correct encoding of PostgreSQL backend (sf bug 1374235)
570- grouping/sorting on link to same class fixed (sf bug 1404930)
571- all backends implement the retired check in getnodeids (sf bug 1290560)
572- fix detection of "missing" existing values in CGI form parser (sf bug
573 1414149)
574- ZRoundup works again (sf bug 1263842)
575- default user template does not display password fields and submit button
576 when editing is not allowed
577- fix StructuredText import in cgi.templating
578- have "System Messages" be marked as such again (sf bug 1281907)
579- enable editing of public queries (sf bug 966144)
5822005-10-07 0.9.0b1
584- added "" script (sf patch 934567)
585- added date selection popup windows (thanks Marcus Priesch)
586- added Xapian indexer; replaces standard indexers if Xapian is available
587- mailgw subject parsing has configurable levels of strictness
588- nosy messages may be sent individually to all recipients
589- remember where we came from when logging in (sf patch 1312889)
5922006-??-?? 0.8.6
594- french translation updated by Patrick Decat (sf patch 1397059)
595- tighten up Date parsing to not allow 'M/D/YY' (or 'D/M/YY) (sf bug
596 1290550)
597- handle "schema" being reserved word in MySQL 5+ (sf bug 1397569)
598- fixed documentation of filter() in the case of multiple values in a
599 String search (sf bug 1373396)
600- fix comma-separated ID filter spec in web requests (sf bug 1396278)
601- fix Date: header generation to be LOCALE-agnostic (sf bug 1352624)
602- fix admin doc description of roundup-server config file
603- fix redirect after instant registration (sf bug 1381676)
604- fix permission checks in cgi interface (sf bug 1289557)
605- fix permission check on RetireAction (sf bug 1407342)
606- timezone now applied to date for pretty-format (sf bug 1406861)
607- fix mangling of "_" in mail Subject class name (sf bug 1413852)
608- catch bad classname in URL (related to sf bug 1240541)
609- clean up digested_file_types (sf bug 1268303)
610- fix permission checks in mailgw (sf bug 1263655)
611- fix encoding of subject in generated error message (sf bug 1414465)
6142005-10-07 0.8.5
616- Argentinian Spanish translation by Ramiro Morales
619- Display of Multilinks where linked Class labelprop values are None
620- Fix references to the old * Registration Permissions
621- Fix missing merge of fix to sf bug 1177057
622- Fix RDBMS indexer indexing UTF-8 words that encode to > 30 chars
623- Handle invalidly-specified charsets in incoming email
6262005-07-18 0.8.4
628- extra CRs in CSV export files on Windows platform (sf bug 1195742)
629- activity RDBMS columns were being reported in changes
630- fix name collision in roundup.cgi script (sf bug 1203795)
631- fix handling of invalid interval input
632- search locale files relative ro roundup installation path (sf bug 1219689)
633- use translation for boolean property rendering (sf bug 1225152)
634- enabled disabling of REMOTE_USER for when it's not a valid username (sf
635 bug 1190187)
636- fix invocation of hasPermission from templating code (sf bug 1224172)
637- have 'roundup-admin security' display property restrictions (sf bug
638 1222135)
639- fixed templating menu() sort_on handling (sf bug 1221936)
640- allow specification of pagesize, sorting and filtering in "classhelp"
641 popups (sf bug 1211800)
642- handle dropped properies in rdbms/metakit journal export (sf bug 1203569)
643- handle missing Subject lines better (sf bug 1198729)
644- sort/group by missing values correctly (sf bugs 1198623, 1176897)
645- discard, don't bounce messages to the mailgw when the messages's sender
646 is invalid (ie. when we try to bounce, we get a 550 "unknown user
647 account" response from the SMTP server) (sf bug 1190906)
648- removed debugging code from cgi/
649- refactored hyperdb.rawToHyperdb, allowing a number of improvements
650 (thanks Ralf Schlatterbeck)
651- don't try to set a timeout for IMAPS (thanks Paul Jimenez)
652- present Reject exception messages to web users (sf bug 1237685)
6552005-05-02 0.8.3
657- chinese translation by limodou
660- fix reference to The Zope Book in Roundup FAQ
661- disabled file logging in Roundup test suite (sf bug 1155649)
662- return original string if message issue xref isn't valid
663- fix to stop it setting the nosy list unnecessarily
664 (see doc/upgrading.txt for how to fix in your trackers)
665- after logout, always display tracker home page
666- web forms don't create new items if no item properties are set from UI
667- item creation failed if multilink fields had invalid entries (sf bug
668 1177602)
669- fix bdist_rpm (sf bug 1164328)
670- fix checking of "Email Access" for Anonymous email registration (sf bug
671 1177057)
672- disable "Email Access" for Anonymous by default to stop spam regsitering
673 users on public trackers
674- send errors in the web interface to a logfile by default. Use the
675 "debug" multiprocess mode (roundup-server) or the DEBUG_TO_CLIENT var
676 (roundup.cgi) to have the errors appear in your browser
677- fix setgid typo (sf bug 1171346)
678- fix faulty find_template filename facility (sf bug 1163629)
679- fix roundup-admin "export" so it creates the target dir if needed
680- "fix" roundup-admin "import" to not use "universal newline support" since
681 the csv module appears to have its own ideas about such things (sf bug
682 1163890)
683- fix installation docs referring to old-style configuration variables
684- fix roundup-admin "find" for searching Multilinks (sf bug 1189465)
6872005-03-03 0.8.2
689- roundup-server automatically redirects from trackers list
690 to the tracker page if there is only one tracker
693- added content to ZRoundup refresh.txt file (sf bug 1147622)
694- fix invalid reference to csv.colon_separated
695- correct URL to What's New in meta-data
696- change AUTOCOMMIT=OFF to AUTOCOMMIT=0 for MySQL (sf bug 1143707)
697- compile message objects in ' build'
698- use backend datatype for journal timestamps in RDBMSes
699- fixes to the "Using an external password validation source"
700 customisation example (sf bugs 1153640 and 1155108)
7032005-02-17 0.8.1
705- replaced MutlilinkIterator with multilinkGenerator (thanks Bob Ippolito)
706- fixed broken csv import in roundup.admin module
707- fixed braino in HTMLClass.filter() (sf bug 1124213)
708- change ZTUtils Iterator to always iter() its sequence argument
7112005-01-16 0.8.0
713- fix roundup-server log and PID file paths to be absolute
714- fix initialisation of roundup-server in daemon mode so initialisation
715 errors are visible
716- fix: 'Logout' link was enabled on issue index page only
717- have Permissions only test the check function if itemid is suppled
718- modify cgi templating system to check item-level permissions in listings
719- enable batching in message and file listings
720- more documentation of security mechanisms (incl. sf patches 1117932,
721 1117860)
722- better unit tests for security mechanisms
723- code cleanup (sf patch 1115329 and additional)
724- issue search page allows setting of no sorting / grouping (sf bug
725 1119475)
726- better edit conflict handling (sf bug 1118790)
727- consistent text searching behaviour (AND everywhere) (sf bug 1101036)
728- fix handling of invalid date input (sf bug 1102165)
729- retain Boolean selections in edit error handling (sf bug 1101492)
730- fix initialisation of logging module from config file (sf bug 1108577)
731- removed rlog module (py 2.3 is minimum version now)
732- fixed class "help" listing paging (sf bug 1106329)
733- nicer error looking up values of None (response to sf bug 1108697)
734- fallback for (list) popups if javascript disabled (sf patch 1101626)
7372005-01-13 0.8.0b2
739- note about how to run roundup demo in Windows (sf bug 1082090)
740- fix API for templating utils extensions - remove "utils" arg (sf bug 1081981)
741- is missing "import time" (sf bug 1081959)
742- fix (list) popup (sf bug 1083570)
743- fix some security assertions (sf bug 1085481)
744- 'roundup-server -S' always writes [trackers] section heading (sf bug 1088878)
745- fix port number as int in mysql connection info (sf bug 1082530)
746- fix to work with <Python2.3 (sf bug 1082801)
747- fix permissions checks in cgi templating (sf bug 1082755)
748- fix "Users may only edit their issues" example in docs
749- handle ~/.my.cnf files for MySQL defaults (sf bug 1096031)
7522004-12-08 0.8.0b1
754- added MD5 scheme for password hiding
755- added support for HTTP charset selection
756- implement __nonzero__ for HTMLProperty
757- remove "manual" locking of sqlite database
758- create a new RDBMS cursor after committing
759- added basic logging, and configuration of it and python's logging module
760- roundup-mailgw now logs fatal exceptions rather than mailing them to admin
761- add a default argument to the DateHTMLProperty.field method, and an
762 optional Interval (string or object) to the (patch
763 from Vickenty Fesunov)
764- hide "(list)" popup links when issue is only viewable
765- roundup-server options -g and -u accept both ids and names (sf bug 983769)
766- roundup-server now has a configuration file (-C option)
767- added mod_python interface (see installation.txt)
768- reorganised tracker configuration, using ConfigParser config, cleaned-up
769 schema definition and implementing easier extension writing (sf rfe 661301)
770- Permissions may now be defined on a per-property basis
771- added "Create" Permission. Replaces the "Web"- and "Email Registration"
772 Permissions.
773- added option to turn off registration confirmation via email
774 ("instant_registration" in config) (sf rfe 922209)
775- roundup-admin reindex command may now work on single items or classes
776- multiple selection Link/Multilink search field (thanks Marlon van den Berg)
777- relaxed hyperlinking in web interface (accept "issue123" or "Issue 123")
778- record journaltag lookup ("fixes" sf bug 998140)
779- allow listing popup to be used in query forms (thanks Marcus Priesch)
780- roundup windows service may be installed with command line options
781 recognized by roundup-server (but not tracker specification arguments).
782 Use this to specify server configuration file for the service.
783- added experimental multi-thread server
784- don't try to import all backends in backends.__init__ unless we *want* to
785- unless in debug mode, keep a single persistent connection through a
786 single web or mailgw request.
787- HTTP Basic Authentication (sf patch 1067690)
788- extended security.addPermissionToRole to allow skipping the separate
789 getPermission call
792- postgres backend open doesn't hide corruption in schema (sf bug 956375)
793- *dbm-style backends nuke() method now clear id counters
794- removed safeget() from the API (sf bug 994750)
795- demo tracker is always set up on localhost (sf bug 1049101)
796- relaxed URL designator syntax to allow issue[0]*1 (sf bug 1054523)
7992005-05-02 0.7.12
801- handle capitalisation of class names in text hyperlinking (sf bug
802 1101043)
803- quote full-text search text in URL generation
804- fixed problem migrating mysql databases
805- fix search_checkboxes macro (sf patch 1113828)
806- fix bug in date editing in Metakit
807- allow suppression of search_text in indexargs_form (sf bug 1101548)
808- hack to fix some anydbm export problems (sf bug 1081454)
809- ignore AutoReply messages (sf patch 1085051)
810- fix ZRoundup syntax error (sf bug 1122335)
811- fix RDBMS clear() so it resets all class itemid counters
8142005-01-06 0.7.11
816- index args URL generation broken in .10 (sf bug 1096027)
817- handle NotModified for non-static files (sf patch 1095790)
818- fix permission lookup in query editing
8212005-01-04 0.7.10
823- reset ID counters if the database is cleared (thanks William)
824- apply IE caching "fix" to automatically serve up all pages expired
825- fix typo (sf patch 1076629)
826- fix hyperlinking of items (sf bug 1080251)
827- fix roundup-admin find command handling of Multilinks
828- fix some security assertions (sf bug 1085481)
829- don't set the title to nothing from incoming mail (thanks Bruce Guenter)
830- fix py2.4 strftime() API change bug (sf bug 1087746)
831- fix indexer searching with no valid words (sf bug 1086787)
832- updated searching / indexing docs
833- fix "(list)" popup when list is one item long (sf bug 1064716)
834- have RDBMS full-text indexer do AND searching (sf bug 1055435)
835- handle spaces in String index params in batching (sf bug 1054224)
8382004-10-26 0.7.9
840- DateHTMLProperty.field() accepts format string (thanks Wil Cooley)
843- popup listing uses filter args (thanks Marlon van den Berg)
844- fixed editing of message contents
845- loosened the detection of issue cross-references in messages
846- open CSV files in "universal newline" mode
847- s/Modifed/Modified (thanks donfu)
848- applied patch fixing some form handling issues in ZRoundup (sf bug 995565)
849- enforce View Permission when serving file content (sf bug 1050470)
850- don't index common words (sf bug 1046612)
851- don't wrap query.item.html in a <span> (thanks Roch'e Compaan)
852- TAL expressions like 'request/show/whatever' return True
853 if the request does not contain explicit @columns list
854- NumberHTMLProperty should return '' not "None" if not set (thanks
855 William)
856- ensure multilink ordering in RDBMS backends (thanks Marcus Priesch, sf
857 bug 950963)
858- always honor indexme property on Strings (sf patch 1063711)
859- make hyperdb value parsing errors readable in mailgw errors
860- make anydbm journal export handle removed properties
861- allow use of XML templates again
8642004-10-15 0.7.8
866- Clean out sessions / otks tables when migrating
8692004-10-11 0.7.7
871- ZRoundup's search interface works now (sf bug 994957)
872- fixed history display when "ascending"
873- removed references to py2.3+ boolean values (sf bug 995682)
874- fix static file path normalisation in security check (thanks David Linke)
875- less specific messages for login failures (thanks Chris Withers)
876- Reject raised against email messages should result in email rejection, not
877 discarding of the message
878- mailgw can override the MAIL_DEFAULT_CLASS
879- handle Py2.3+ datetime objects as Date specs (sf bug 971300)
880- use row locking in MySQL newid() (sf bug 1034211)
881- add sanity check for sort and group on same property (sf bug 1033477)
882- extend OTK and session table value cols to TEXT (sf bug 1031271)
883- fix lookup of REMOTE_USER (sf bug 1002923)
884- new Interval props weren't created properly in rdbms
885- date.Interval() now accepts an Interval as a spec (sf bug 1041266)
886- handle deleted properties in RDBMS history
887- apply timezone in correct direction in user input (sf bug 1013097)
888- more efficient find() in RDBMS (sf bug 1012781)
8912004-07-21 0.7.6
893- rdbms backend full text search failure after import (sf bug 980314)
894- rdbms backends not filtering correctly on link=None
895- fix anydbm journal import (sf bug 983166)
896- handle postgresql bug in SQL generation (sf bug 984591)
897- fix dates-from-Dates (sf bug 984604)
898- fix messageid generated when msgid is None for send_message (sf bug 987933)
899- make user permissions check more sane (fix search page for anonymous)
900- fixed RDBMS filter() for no matches from full-text search (sf bug 990778)
901- fixed DateHTMLProperty for invalid date entry (sf bug 986538)
902- fixed external password source example (sf bug 986601)
903- document the STATIC_FILES config var
904- implement the HTTP HEAD command (sf bug 992544)
905- fix journal export of files to remove content from CSV files
906- API clarification. Previously, the anydbm/bsddb/metakit filter() methods
907 had required exact matches to Multilink argument lists. The RDBMS
908 backends treated Multilink matches like all other data types - matching
909 any of the Multilink argument list is good enough. The latter behaviour
910 is implemented across the board now.
911- fix metakit handling of filter on Link==None
9142004-06-24 0.7.5
916- force lookup of journal props in anydbm filtering
917- fixed lookup of "missing" Link values for new props in anydbm backend
918- allow list of values for id, Number and Boolean filtering in anydbm
919 backend
920- fixed some more mysql 0.6->0.7 upgrade bugs (sf bug 950410)
921- fixed Boolean values in postgresql (sf bugs 972546 and 972600)
922- fixed -g arg to roundup-server (sf bug 973946)
923- better roundup-server usage string (sf bug 973352)
924- include "context" always, as documented (sf bug 965447)
925- fixed REMOTE_USER (external HTTP Basic auth) (sf bug 977309)
926- fixed roundup-admin "find" to use better value parsing
927- fixed RDBMS Class.find() to handle None value in multiple find
928- export now stores file "content" in separate files in export directory
9312004-06-10 0.7.4
933- re-acquire the OTK manager when we re-open the database
934- mailgw handler can close the database on us
935- fixed grouping by a NULL Link value
936- fixed anydbm import/export (sf bugs 965216, 964457, 964450)
937- fix python 2.3.3 strftime deprecation warning (sf patch 968398)
938- fix some column datatypes in postgresql and mysql (sf bugs 962611,
939 959177 and 964231)
940- fixed RDBMS journal packing (sf bug 959177)
941- fixed filtering by floats in anydbm (sf bug 963584)
9442004-05-28 0.7.3
946- add "checked" to truth values for Boolean input
947- fixed import in metakit backend
948- fix SearchAction use of Class.filter(), and clarify API docs for same
949- ensure static files may only be served out of the tracker's "static
950 files" directory
9532004-05-17 0.7.2
955- anydbm sorting with None values (sf bug 952853)
956- roundup-server -g option not recognised (sf bug 952310)
957- HTML templating isset() inverted (sf bug 951779)
958- otks manager missing (sf bug 952931)
959- mention DEFAULT_TIMEZONE requirement in upgrading doc (sf bug 952932)
960- fix DateHTMLProperty so local() can override user timezone (sf bug
961 953678)
962- fix anydbm sort/group direction handling, and make RDBMS sort/group use
963 Link'ed "order" properties (sf bug 953148)
964- fix Interval editing (sf bug 954891)
9672004-05-10 0.7.1
969- several temp files made it into the source distribution (sf bug 949243)
970- typo in roundup/
971- missing CRLF var in (sf patch 949471)
972- fix user creation page
973- have roundup server pass though the cause of a "403 Forbidden" response
974- fix schema mutation in sqlite backends (thanks Tamer Fahmy)
975- make popup Javascript IE 5.0 friendly (thanks Marlon van den Berg)
976- fix RDBMS import (thanks Tamer Fahmy)
9792004-05-06 0.7.0
981- sqlite migration drops some journal information (thanks David Linke)
982- user editing Role entry help text always appears
983- disable forking server when os.fork() not available (sf bug 938586)
984- removed Boolean from source to make py <2.3 happy (sf bug 938790)
985- fix nested scope bug in rdbms multilink sorting
986- re-seed the random number generator for each request
987- postgresql backend altered to not use popen (thanks Georges Martin)
988- fixed journal marshalling in RDBMS backends (sf bug 943627)
989- fixed handling of key values starting with numbers (sf bug 941363)
990- fixed journal "param" column size in RDBMS backends
991- fixed static file serving
992- fixed rego from email address (sf bug 947414)
993- fixed sqlite journal ordering issue
994- fixed mysql date range filtering
9972004-04-18 0.7.0b3
999- added a favicon
1000- added url_quote and html_quote methods to the utils object
1001- added isset method to HTMLProperty
1002- database export now exports full journals too
1003- tracker name at end of page title (sf rfe 926840)
1004- roundup-server now uses the ForkingMixin
1005- added another sample detector "creator_resolution"
1006- added search_checkboxes as an option for the search form
1007- added IMAP support to mail gateway (sf rfe 934000)
1008- check MANIFEST against the files actually unpacked
1009- roundupdb nosymessage() takes an optional bcc list
1012- mysql and postgresql schema mutation now handle added Multilinks
1013- web CSV export was busted (as was any action returning a result)
1014- MultiMapping deviated from the Zope C implementation in a number of
1015 places (thanks Toby Sargeant)
1016- MySQL and Postgresql use BOOL/BOOLEAN for Boolean types
1017- OTK generation was busted (thanks Stuart D. Gathman)
1018- export and import now include journals (incompatible with export < 0.7)
1019- added "download_url" method to generate a correctly quoted URL for file
1020 download links (sf bug 927745)
1021- all uses of TRACKER_WEB now ensure it ends with a '/'
1022- roundup-admin install checks for existing tracker in target home
1023- grouping (and sorting) by multilink in RDBMS backends (sf bug 655702)
1024- roundup scripts may now be asked for their version (sf rfe 798657)
1025- sqlite backend had stopped using the global lock
1026- better check for anonymous viewing of user items (sf bug 933510)
1027- stop Interval from displaying an empty string (sf bug 934022)
1028- fixed storage of some datatypes in some RDBMS backends
10312004-03-27 0.7.0b2
1033- added CSV export to index pages
1034- added which works around a bug in IE. See
1035 "detectors/" for more info.
1036- added dispatcher functionality - see upgrading.txt for more info
1037- added Reject exception which may be raised by auditors. This is trapped
1038 by mailgw and may be used to veto creation of file attachments or
1039 messages. (sf bug 700265)
1040- queries on a per-user basis, and public queries (sf "bug" 891798 :)
1041- added DEFAULT_TIMEZONE (sf rfe 895139)
1042- added HTML page template to the templating context as "template"
1043- added is_retired to HTMLItems in templating
1046- Boolean, Date and Link HTML templating was broken
1047- fix reporting of test inclusion in postgresql test
1048- EditAction was confused about who "self" was
1049- edit collision detection was broken for index-page edits
1050- sqlite backend wasn't migrating multilink tables correctly
1051- use SimpleCookie instead of Cookie (is an alias for the evil SmartCookie)
1052- handle older sessions in session dbm
1053- make presetunread more resilient to status Class changes
1054- HTMLDatabase classes() was broken
10572004-03-24 0.7.0b1
1058Major new features:
1059- added postgresql backend (originally from sf patch 761740, many changes
1060 since)
1061- added new "actor" automatic property (indicates user who cause the last
1062 "activity")
1063- RDBMS backends implement their session and one-time-key stores and
1064 full-text indexers; thus they are now performing their own locking
1065 internally
1066- all RDBMS backends now have indexes on several columns
1067- support confirming registration by replying to the email (sf bug 763668)
1068- all HTML templating methods now automatically check for permissions
1069 (either view or edit as appropriate), greatly simplifying templates
1071Other new features:
1072- simple support for collision detection (sf rfe 648763)
1073- support setgid and running on port < 1024 (sf patch 777528)
1074- using Zope3's test runner now, allowing GC checks, nicer controls and
1075 coverage analysis
1076- change nosymessage and send_message to accept msgid=None (RFE #707235)
1077- handle Resent-From: headers (sf bug 841151)
1078- always sort MultilinkHTMLProperty in the correct order, usually
1079 alphabetically (sf feature 790512)
1080- added script for copying user(s) ("scripts/") from tracker
1081 to tracker (sf patch 828963)
1082- ignore incoming email with "Precedence: bulk" (sf patch 843489)
1083- use HTTP 'Content-Length' header (modified sf patch 844577)
1084- HTML generated is now HTML4 (or optionally XHTML) compliant (sf feature
1085 814314 and sf patch 834620)
1086- default stylesheet turns off sidebar when printing
1087- allow direct supply of filter() arguments in templating (thanks Godefroid
1088 Chapelle)
1089- improved body_title slot in HTML templating (sf patch 873502)
1090- HTMLLinkProperty field() method renders as a field now (thanks darryl)
1091- cgi Action handlers may now return the actual content to be sent back to
1092 the user (rather than using some template)
1093- date.Date now handles fractional seconds
1096- mysql documentation fixed to note requirement of 4.0+ and InnoDB
1097- added testing of schema mutation, fixed rdbms backends handling of a
1098 couple of cases
1099- HTML 4.01 validation on the 'classic' backend
1100- messages to the mailgw can be about classes other than issues now.
1101- signature matching is more precise (sf bug 827775).
1102- anonymous user can no longer edit or view itself (sf bug 828901).
1103- corrected typo in installation.html (sf bug 822967).
1104- clarified listTemplates docstring.
1105- print a nicer error message when the address is already in use
1106 (sf bug 798659).
1107- remove empty lines before sending strings off to the csv parser
1108 (sf bug 821364).
1109- centralised conversion of user-input data to hyperdb values (sf bug
1110 802405, sf bug 817217, sf rfe 816994)
1111- recalculate SHA on template files when installed tracker used as
1112 template (sf bug 827510)
1113- fixed ZRoundup (sf bug 624380)
1114- the mail gateway now searches recursively for the text/plain and the
1115 attachments of a message (sf bug 841241).
1116- fixed display of feedback messages in some situations (sf bug 739545)
1117- fixed ability to edit "content" property (sf bug 914062)
1120- replace curuserid attribute on Database with the extended getuid() method
1121- extract a new 'mailer' module for sending mail
1122- extract a '_send_mail' method for testing mail sending
1123- simplify backend importing
1124- use roundup_server in
1125- implement newItemAction using editItemAction
1126- use FormError in, moving the handling up to inner_main()
1127- implemented semantic comparison of Message objects in test_mailgw
1128- tidied up forms in default stylesheet
1129- force textareas to use monospace fonts, lessening surprise on the user
1130- moved out parts of to new modules:
1131 * - the xxxAction and xxxPermission functions refactored into
1132 Action classes
1133 * - all exceptions
1134 * - parsePropsFromForm & extractFormList in a FormParser
1135 class
11382004-05-17 0.6.10
1140- mysql backend wasn't locking tracker
1141- ensure static files may only be served out of the tracker's "static
1142 files" directory
11452004-04-18 0.6.9
1147- paging in classhelp popup was broken
1148- socket timeout error logging can fail
1149- hyperlink designators in message display (sf bug 931828)
1150- don't match retired items in RDBMS stringFind
11532004-04-01 0.6.8
1155- existing trackers (ie. live ones) may be used as templates for new
1156 trackers - the TEMPLATE-INFO.txt name entry has the tracker's dir name
1157 appended (so the demo tracker's template name is "classic-demo")
1158- handle bad multilink input at item creation time better (sf bug 917834)
1159- make sure email signature starts on a newline (sf bug 919759)
1160- add line to rego email to help URL detection (sf bug 906247)
1161- look harder for text/plain in email
1162- fixed fallback excel writer in rcsv so it has a delimiter
1163- fixed's use of listTemplates (!)
1164- make rdbms serialise() less trusting
1165- handle Boolean values in history HTML display
11682004-03-01 0.6.7
1170- be more backward-compatible when asking for EMAIL_CHARSET
1171- made error on create consistent with edit when user enters invalid data
1172 for Multilink and Link form fields (sf bug 904072)
1173- made errors from bad input in the quick "Show issue:" form more
1174 user-friendly (sf bug 904064)
1175- don't add a query to a user's list if it's already there
1176- nicer invalid property error in HTML templating
1177- use EMAIL_CHARSET for message body too (still sf bug 900046)
11802004-02-25 0.6.6
1182- don't insert spaces into designators, it just confuses users (sf bug
1183 898087)
1184- Eudora can't handle utf-8 headers. We love Eudora. (sf bug 900046)
1185- fixed bug in args to new DateHTMLProperty in the local() method (sf bug
1186 901444)
1187- fixed registration (sf bug 903283)
1188- also changed rego to not use a 302 during confirmation, as this seems to
1189 confuse some email clients or browsers.
11922004-02-16 0.6.5
1194- mailgw handling of subject-line errors
1195- allow serving of FileClass file content when the class isn't called
1196 "file" (eg. messages and other FileClasses)
1197- allowed negative ids (ie. new item markers) in HTMLClass.getItem,
1198 allowing "db/file_with_status/-1/status/menu" to generate a useful
1199 widget
1200- fixed content-type when templates are serving up xml (thanks Godefroid
1201 Chapelle)
1202- fixed IE double-submit when it shouldn't (sf bug 842254)
1203- fixed check for JS pop()/push() to make more general (sf bug 877504)
1204- fix re-enabling queries (sf bug 861940)
1205- use supplied content-type on file uploads before trying filename)
1206- fixed roundup-reminder script to use default schema (thanks Klamer Schutte)
1207- fixed edit action / parsePropsFromForm to handle index-page edits better
1208- safer logging from HTTP server (sf bug 896917)
12112003-12-17 0.6.4
1213- fixed date arithmetic to not allow day-of-month == 0 (sf bug 853306)
1214- fixed date arithmetic to limit hours-per-day to 24, not 60
1215- hard-coded python2.3-ism (socket.timeout) fixed
1216- fixed activity displaying as future because of Date arithmetic fix in 0.6.3
1217 (sf bug 842027).
1218- fix Windows service mode for roundup-server (sf bug 819890)
1219- fixed #white in cgitb (thanks Henrik Levkowetz)
12222003-11-14 0.6.3
1224- fixed detectors fix incorrectly fixed in bugfix release 0.6.2
1225- added note to upgrading doc for detectors fix in 0.6.2
1226- added script to help migrating queries from pre-0.6 trackers
1227- fixed "documentation" of getnodeids in roundup.hyperdb
1228- added flush() to DevNull (sf bug 835365)
1229- fixed javascript for help window for only one checkbox case
1230- date arithmetic was utterly broken, and has been for a long time.
1231 Date +/- Interval now works, and Date - Date also works (produces
1232 an Interval.
1233- handle socket timeout exception (thanks Marcus Priesch)
1234- fixed retirement of items in rdbms imports (sf bug 841355)
1235- fixed bug in looking up journal of newly-created items in *dbm backends
12382003-09-29 0.6.2
1240- cleaned up, clarified internal caching API in *dbm backends
1241- stopped pyc writing to current directory! yay! (patch 800718 with changes)
1242- fixed file leak in detector initialisation (patch 800715)
1243- commented out example tracker homes (patch 800720)
1244- added note about hidden :template var in user.item (bug 799842)
1245- fixed Apply Error that was raised, when property was deleted from class and
1246 we are trying to edit an instance
12492003-08-31 0.6.1
1251- Add note about installing cgi-bin with a different interpreter
1252- Importing wasn't setting None values explicitly when it should have been
1253- Fixed import warning regarding 0xffff0000 literal, finally, really this
1254 time. Checked on win2k. (sf bug 786711)
1255- fix CGI editCSV action to handle metakit's integer itemids
1256- apply fix for "remove" links from Klamer Schutte
1257- added permission check on "remove" link while I was there..
1258- applied CSV fix for python2.3 (sf bug 790363)
1259- fixed form padding in LHS menu (sf bug 790502)
1260- fixed upgrading docs for timezones (sf bug 790498)
1261- set the content type on page templates (can have XML templates now)
1262- various cosmetic fixes (thanks James Kew for being persistent :)
1263- applied patch 739314 (sorry John!)
12662003-08-08 0.6.0
1267- Fixed editing attributes on FileClass nodes.
1268- Query editing now works correctly (sf bug 621248)
1269- roundup-server now logs IP addresses by default (sf bug 778795)
1270- logfile must be specified if pidfile is (sf bug 772820)
1271- timelog editing via csv interface crashes (sf bug 699837)
1272- sort multilinks a little better for grouping (sf bug 772935)
1273- batch the (list) listings at 500 entries per page (sf bug 759906)
1274- don't have RDBMS backends list retired nodes (sf bug 767319)
1275- fix file downloading
1276- add action attribute to issue.item form tag
12792003-07-29 0.6.0b4
1280- plugged cross-site-scripting hole (thanks Jeff Epler)
1281- handle deprecation of FCNTL in python2.2+ (sf bug 756756)
1282- handle missing Subject: line (sf bug 755331)
1283- fix New User creation (sf bug 754510)
1284- fix hackish message escaping (sf bug 757128)
1285- fix :required ordering problem (sf bug 740214)
1286- audit some user properties for valid values (roles, address) (sf bugs
1287 742968 and 739653)
1288- fix HTML file detection (hence history xref linking) (sf bug 741478)
1289- session database caches it's type, rather than calling whichdb each time
1290 around.
1291- changed rdbms_common to fix sql backends for new Boolean types under Py2.3
12942003-06-10 0.6.0b3
1296- cgi client was broken during b2 fixing
12992003-06-09 0.6.0b2
1301- added the start/stop/restart/condstart/status roundup-server control
1302 script
1305- handle non-existant demo dir (thanks Ollie Rutherfurd)
1306- strip whitespace from Role names so "User, Admin" will work
1307- fixed template searching on Windows (thanks J Vickroy)
13102003-05-09 0.6.0b1
1312- having served its purpose as a template for other relational database
1313 implementations, the gadfly backend has now been removed from the Roundup
1314 distribution.
1317- new instant-gratification Demo Mode
1318- support setting of properties on message and file through web and
1319 email interface (thanks John Rouillard)
1320- allow additional control over the roundupdb email sending (explicit
1321 cc addresses, different from address and different nosy list property)
1322 (thanks John Rouillard)
1323- applied patch for nicer history display (sf feature 638280)
1324- cleaning old unused sessions only once per hour, not on every cgi
1325 request. It is greatly improves web interface performance, especially
1326 on trackers under high load
1327- added mysql backend (see doc/mysql.txt for details)
1328- switch metakit to use "compressed" multilink journal change representation
1329- metakit now handles "unset" for most types (not Number and Boolean)
1330- fixed bug in metakit search-by-ID
1331- added ability to display localized dates in web interface. User input is
1332 convered to GMT (see doc/upgrading.txt).
1333- added a form to show a specific issue
1334- more proper sorting/grouping on mulitilink properties. Sorting is performed
1335 not only by number of links, but also by links itself. This makes usable
1336 grouping e.g. by topic multilink
1337- add "ago" to intervals in the past (sf bug 679232)
1338- included UN*X manual pages from Bastian Kleineidam
1339- implemented extension to form parsing to allow editing of multiple items
1340 and creation of multiple items (but only one per class)
1341- the colon ":" special form variable designator may now be any of : + @
1342- trackers' templates directory can contain subdirectories with static files
1343 (e.g. images). They are accessible naturally: _file/images/img.gif
1344- altered Class.create() and FileClass.create() methods to make "content"
1345 property available in auditors
1346- can now configure CC to author only for messages creating issues (sf
1347 feature 625808)
1348- registration is now a two-step process, with confirmation from the email
1349 address supplied in the registration form
1350- added password reset feature for forgotten password / login
1351- added support for last-modified and if-modified-since headers for static
1352 file serving
1353- added Node.get() method
1354- nicer page titles (sf feature 65197)
1355- relaxed CVS importing (sf feature 693277)
1356- added support for searching on ranges of dates and intervals (see
1357 doc/user_guide.txt in chapter "Searching Page" for details) (closes sf
1358 feature 700178)
1359- role names made case insensitive
1360- added ability to restore retired nodes
1361- more lenient date input and addition Interval input support (sf bug 677764)
1362- roundup mailgw now handles apop
1363- implemented ability to search for multilink properties with no value
1364- Class.find() may now find unset Links (sf bug 700620)
1365- more flexibility in classhelp link labelling (sf feature 608204)
1366- added command-line functionality for roundup-admin (sf feature 687664)
1367- added nicer popup windows for topic, nosy, etc (has add/remove buttons)
1368 thanks Gus Gollings
1369- HTML templating files now have a .html extension
1370- Roundup templates are now distributed much more sanely, allowing for
1371 3rd-party templates.
1372- extended date syntax to make range searches even more useful
1373- SMTP login and TLS support added (sf bug 710853 with extras ;)
1374 Note: requires python 2.2+
1375- added Windows Service mode for roundup-server when daemonification is
1376 attempted on Windows.
1377- sort results by name (sf feature 724738)
1378- nicer index navigation (sf feature 676866)
1381- applied unicode patch. All data is stored in utf-8. Incoming messages
1382 converted from any encoding to utf-8, outgoing messages are encoded
1383 according to rfc2822 (sf bug 568873)
1384- fixed layout issues with forms in sidebar
1385- fixed timelog example so it handles new issues (sf bug 678908)
1386- handle missing os.fork() (sf bug 681046)
1387- added warning filter for "FutureWarning: hex/oct constants > sys.maxint will
1388 return positive values..." (literal 0xffff0000 in
1389- fixed ZPT code generating SyntaxWarning for assignment to None
1390- open static files using binary mode (sf bug 693208)
1391- fixed deja-vu bug 692910
1392- don't display "Editing" on read-only pages (sf bug 651967)
1393- re-worked detectors initialisation - woohoo, no more cross-importing!
1394- fixed export/import of retired nodes (sf bug 685273)
1395- remember the display template specified during edit (sf bug 701815)
1396- added example HTML tempating for vacation flag (sf bug 701722)
1397- finally, tables autosize columns (sf bug 609070)
1398- added creation to index columns (sf bug 708247)
1399- fixed missing (pre-commit) journal entries in *dbm backends (sf bug 679217)
1400- URL cited in roundup email confusing dumb Email clients (sf bug 716585)
1401- set title on issues even when the email body is empty (sf bug 727430)
1402- under the heading of "questionable whether it's a fix or not"
1403 (sf "bug" 621226 for the users of the "standards compliant" browser IE)
14062003-05-08 0.5.7
1407- fixed Interval maths (sf bug 665357)
1408- fixed sqlite rollback/caching bug (sf bug 689383)
1409- fixed rdbms table update detection logic (sf bug 703297)
1410- fixed detection of bad date specs (sf bug 691439)
1411- required String properties not being flagged (thanks Ajit George)
1412- only look for CSV files when importing (thanks Dan Grassi)
1413- can now unset values in CSV editing (sf bug 704788)
1414- fixed rdbms email address lookup (case insensitivity)
1415- email file attachments added to issue files list (sf bug 711501)
1416- added socket timeout to attempt to prevent stuck processes (sf bug 665487)
1417- email registered users shouldn't be able to log in (sf bug 714673)
1418- handle missing addresses on users (sf bug 724537)
14212003-02-27 0.5.6
1422- fixed templating filter function arguments (sf bug 678911)
1423- fixed multiselect in searching (sf bug 676874)
1424- fixed parsing of content-disposition filenames (sf bug 675116)
1425- added 'h' to roundup-server optarg list (sf bug 674070)
1426- fixed doc for db.history in anydbm and rdbms_common (sf bug 679221)
1427- fixed roundup-reminder (sf bug 681042)
1428- fixed int assumptions about Number values (sf bug 677762)
1429- clarified licensing
1430- another attempt to fix cookie misbehaviour - customise cookie name using
1431 tracker name
1432- fixed error in indexargs_url (thanks Patrick Ohly)
1433- fixed getnode (sf bug 684531)
1434- fixed args to some date templating methods (sf bug 689670)
1435- fixed database corruption in rdbms property mutation
14382003-01-24 0.5.5
1439- fixed rdbms searching by ID (sf bug 666615)
1440- fixed metakit searching by ID
1441- detect corrupted index and raise semi-useful exception (sf bug 666767)
1442- open server logfile unbuffered
1443- revert StringHTMLProperty to not hyperlink text by default
1444- fixes to CGI form handling
1445- fix unlink bug in metakit backend
1446- fixed hyperlinking ambiguity (sf bug 669777)
1447- fixed cookie path to use TRACKER_WEB (sf bug 667020) (thanks Nathaniel Smith
1448 for helping chase it down and Luke Opperman for confirming fix)
14512003-01-10 0.5.4
1452- key the templates cache off full path, not filename
1453- implemented whole-database locking
1454- hyperlinking of special text (url, email, item designator) in messages
1455- fixed time default in
1456- fixed error in cgi/ (sf bug 652089)
1457- fixed handling of missing password (sf bug 655632)
1458- applied patches for handling Outlook quirks (thanks Andrey Lebedev)
1459 (multipart/alternative, "fw" and content-type "name")
1460- fire auditors and reactors in rdbms retire (thanks Sheila King)
1461- better match for mailgw help "command" text
1462- handle :add: better in cgi form parsing (sf bug 663235)
1463- handle all-whitespace multilink values in forms (sf bug 663855)
1464- fixed searching on date / interval fields (sf bug 658157)
1465- fixed form elements names in search form to allow grouping and sorting
1466 on "creation" field
1467- display of saved queries is now performed correctly
14702002-12-11 0.5.3
1471- added mention of how to give users multiple Roles
1472- mention needed trailing "/" in TRACKER_WEB
1473- fixed upgrading doc to have CGI changes in the correct order
1474- fixed double-close of anydbm backend (sf bug 639030)
1475- removed use of string/strop from TAL/TALInterpreter
1476- handle KeyboardInterrupt nicely
1477- fixed Date and Interval form value handling
1478- fixed Date.local()
1479- email quoted text stripping is controllable again (sf bug 650742)
1480- extract attachment name from content-disposition if name is missing (sf
1481 bug 637278)
1482- removed FILTER_POSITION from bundled configs
1483- reverse message listing in issue display (reversion of recent change)
1484- bad entries for multilink editing in cgi don't traceback now (sf bug 640310)
1485- detect and break email loops (sf bug 640854)
1486- finished of handling of retired flag in filter() (sf bug 635260)
1487- allow StringHTMLProperty in MultilinkHTMLProperty test to work
1488- don't set explicit None Link properties in web create
1489- fixed nasty sorting bug that was lowercasing properties
1490- allow multiple :remove and :add elements per property being edited
1491- added date header to emails (sf bug 651358)
14942002-11-07 0.5.2
1495- added quotes around python interpreter in windows bat (sf bug 623963)
1496- fixed link at end of installation doc (sf bug 623957)
1497- handle "classname" URL path errors cleaner (generate a 404)
1498- added CGI :remove:<propname> and :add:<propname> which specify item ids to
1499 remove / add in <propname> multilink.
1500- bugfix in boolean templating
1501- remember the change note on bad submissions (sf bug 625989)
1502- highlight required form fields (sf bug 625989)
1503- force non-word boundary to match re: in subject (sf bug 626303)
1504- handle sqlite bug (<2.7.2) (sf bug 630828)
1505- handle missing props in anydbm stringFind
1506- updated email package address formatting (deprecation)
1507- copied email address quoting from email v2.4.3 so we're consistent with 2.2
1508- email summary extraction now takes the first whole sentence or line -
1509 whichever is longer
1510- documented dependency on Active State (sf bug 623959)
1511- ensured there's no zero-length files in source (sf bug 633622)
1512- added ID to the search page (sf bug 631601)
1513- fixed filtering by id in anydbm
1514- show issue ID in the headings (sf bug 631598)
1515- show entire messages by default in issues (sf bug 625995)
1516- fixed journalling to save old values instead of new (sorry it took so long GM)
1517- handle missing REQUEST_URI for cgi-bin users (sf bug 620163)
15202002-10-16 0.5.1
1521- highlight rows in groups of three
1522- metakit cleanups
1523- nicer "navigation" style in index views
1524- handle missing Link values in anydbm backend set() operation
1525- fixed filter() with no sort/group (sf bug 618614)
1526- fixed register with no session (sf bug 618611)
1527- fixed log / pid file path handling in roundup-server (sf bug 617981)
1528- fixed old gadfly compatibiltiy problem, for sure this time (sf bug 612873)
1529- https URLs from config now recognised as valid (sf bug 619829)
1530- nicer display of tracker list in roundup-server (sf bug 619769)
1531- fixed some missed renaming instance -> tracker (sf bug 619769)
1532- allow blank passwords again (sf bug 619714)
1533- expose the tracker config as a variable for templating
1534- homogenise newlines in CGI text submissions (sf bug 614072)
1535- merged Zope Collector #372 fix from ZPT CVS trunk
1536- fixed history to display username instead of userid
1537- shipped templates didn't import all hyperdb types in
1538- fixed bug in Interval serialisation
1539- handle "unset" status in status auditor (sf bug 621250)
1540- issues in 'done-cbb' are now also moved to 'chatting' on new messages
1541- implemented the missing Interval.__add__
1542- added ability to implement new templating utility methods
1543- expose the Date.pretty method to templating
1544- made form table cell alignment consistent (sf bug 621887)
1545- include stylesheet in docs (sf bug 623183)
1546- store PIPE messages so we can re-send them on errors (sf bug 623082)
1547- implemented "retire" cgi action, added to user index (sf bug 618612)
1548- included doc ideas from Bernhard Reiter (sf feature 621941)
15512002-10-02 0.5.0
1552- fixed style for alternating rows in user lists
1553- fixed query edit form so it doesn't barf
1554- #617133 ] 0.5.0pr1 uses nonexistent renderTemplate
1555- merged Zope Collector #539 fix from ZPT CVS trunk
15582002-09-27 0.5.0 pr1
1559- handling of None for Date/Interval/Password values in export/import
1560- handling of journal values in export/import
1561- password edit now has a confirmation field
1562- registration error punts back to register page
1563- gadfly backend now handles changes to the schema - but only one property
1564 at a time
1565- cgi.client base URL is now obtained from the config TRACKER_WEB
1566- request.url has gone away - there's too much magic in trying to figure
1567 what it should be
1568- cgi-bin script redirects to https now if the request was https
1569- FileClass "content" property wasn't being returned by getprops() in most
1570 backends
1571- we now verify instance attributes on instance open and throw a useful error
1572 if they're not all there
1573- sf 611217 ] menu() has problems when labelprop==None
1574- verify contents of tracker module when the tracker is opened
1575- many performance improvements in *dbm and sql backends
1576- mailgw was missing an "import sys"
1577- setup now installs scripts with python -O flag, doubling performance in some
1578 cases (there's a lot of __debug__ use)
1579- fix :required for Link menus
1580- import wasn't setting the ID to maxid+1
1581- added getItem to HTMLClass so you can access arbitrary items in templates
1582- index filtering form values may now be key values too
1583- replaced the content() callback ickiness with Page Template macro usage
1584- changed the default CSS style to be less offensive to some ;)
1585- better handling of Page Template compilation errors
1586- handle multiple unrelated indexed classes
1587- #614188 ] Exception in
1588- #613310 ] traceback on onexistant items
1589- #613291 ] typos in nosy list
1590- handle stupid mailers that QUOTE their Re; 'Re: "[issue1] bla blah"'
1591- giving a user a Role that doesn't exist doesn't break stuff any more
1592- revamped user guide, customisation guide, added maintenance guide
1593- merge Zope Collector #538 fix from ZPT CVS trunk (path expressions with a
1594 non-path final alternate no longer try to call a value returned by that
1595 alternate)
1596- merge Zope Collector #573 fix from ZPT CVS trunk
1597- merge Zope Collector #580 fix from ZPT CVS trunk
1598- added "crypt" password encoding and ability to set password with
1599 already encrypted password through roundup-admin
1600- fixed the mailgw so that anonymous users may still access it
1601- add hook to allow external password verification, overridable in the
1602 tracker interfaces module
1603- fixed login attempt by user that doesn't exist
16062002-09-13 0.5.0 beta2
1607- all backends now have a .close() method, and it's used everywhere
1608- fixed bug in detectors __init__
1609- switched the default issue item display to only show issue summary
1610 (added instructions to doc to make it display entire content)
1611- was missing a lot of template files
1612- added generic item editing
1613- much nicer layout of template rendering errors
1614- added context/is_edit_ok and context/is_view_ok convenience methods and
1615 implemented use of them in the classic template
16182002-09-11 0.5.0 beta1
1620- #576086 ] dumb copying mistake (frontends/
1621- installation instructions now mention "python2" in "testing your python".
1622- made the unit tests run again - they were quite b0rken
1623- #571170 ] gdbm deadlock
1624- #576241 ] MultiLink problems in parsePropsFromForm
1625- fixed the date module so that Date(". - 2d") works
1626- web forms may now unset Link values (like assignedto)
1627- cleanup: moved roundup.templatebuilder to roundup.templates.builder
1628- instance __init__ no longer silently traps dbinit import errors
1631- new backend for metakit (thanks Gordon McMillan)
1632- new backend for gadfly (it's as done as it's going to get)
1633- further split the dbm backends from the core code, allowing easier
1634 non-dict-like backends (eg metakit, RDB)
1635- implemented and used the new access control mechanisms (Permissions, Roles)
1636 (see doc/security.txt)
1637- switched templating to use Zope's PageTemplates (yay!)
1638- switched to sessions for web authentication
1639- added Boolean and Number types
1640- fixed the journal bloat
1641- updated design document for new access controls
1642- updated customisation document, including more examples
1643- entire database export and import (incl files)
1644- better mailgw help message (feature request #558562)
1645- re-enabled link backrefs from messages (feature request #568714)
1646- the page layout is now templatable
1647- re-worked cgi interface to abstract out the explicit "issue" interface
1648- have index page handle mid-page errors better so header and footer are
1649 still visible
1650- we handle "not found", access and item page render errors better
1651- fixed double-submit by having new-item-submit redirect at end
1652- daemonify roundup-server (fork, logfile, pidfile)
1653- modify cgitb to display PageTemplate errors better
1654- rename to "instance" to "tracker"
1655- have roundup.cgi pick up tracker config from the environment
1656- revamped look and feel in web interface
1657- cleaned up stylesheet usage
1658- several bug fixes and documentation fixes
1659- added is_retired test to hyperdb.Class
1660- added capability to save queries:
1661 - a query Class with name, klass (to search) and url (query string)
1662 properties
1663 - a Multilink to query on user called queries
1664 - html templates for query, and a list of queries in user.item
1665 - search form has Save button & name input
1666 - saved queries put in menu in pagehead
1667 - for migration, none of the above is required and old behavior preserved.
1668 - showquery translates search form <-> query string
1669- cleaned up the indexer code:
1670 - it splits more words out
1671 - removed code we'll never use (roundup.roundup_indexer has the full
1672 implementation, and replaces roundup.indexer)
1673 - only index text/plain and rfc822/message (ideas for other text formats to
1674 index are welcome)
1675 - added simple unit test for indexer. Needs more tests for regression.
1676 - all String properties may now be indexed too. Currently there's a bit of
1677 "issue" specific code in the actual searching which needs to be
1678 addressed. In a nutshell:
1679 + pass 'indexme="yes"' as a String() property initialisation arg, eg:
1680 file = FileClass(db, "file", name=String(), type=String(),
1681 comment=String(indexme="yes"))
1682 + the comment will then be indexed and be searchable, with the results
1683 related back to the issue that the file is linked to
1684 - as a result of this work, the FileClass has a default MIME type that may
1685 be overridden in a subclass, or by the use of a "type" property as is
1686 done in the default templates.
1687 - the regeneration of the indexes (if necessary) is done once the schema is
1688 set up in the dbinit.
1689 - new "reindex" command in roundup-admin used to force regeneration of the
1690 index
1691- added email display function - mangles email addrs so they're not so easily
1692 scraped from the web
1693- switched to using a session-based web login
1694- made mailgw handle set and modify operations on multilinks (bug #579094)
1695- fixed the journal bloat from multilink changes - we just log the add or
1696 remove operations, not the whole list
16992002-06-24 0.4.2
1701- Cleaned up the hyperdb unit tests.
1702- Applied patch from Andrew W. Nosenko to give nicer Unauthorised message
1703 when anonymous user tries to edit. Should've been applied in 0.4.2pr1. Oops.
1704- Added more detailed note to MIGRATION regarding the detectors changes.
17072002-06-19 0.4.2pr1
1709- added a "detectors" directory for people to put their useful auditors and
1710 reactors in. Note - the roundupdb.IssueClass.sendmessage method has been
1711 split and renamed "nosymessage" specifically for things like the nosy
1712 reactor, and "send_message" which just sends the message.
1713- link() htmltemplate function now has a "showid" option for links and
1714 multilinks. When true, it only displays the linked node id as the anchor
1715 text. The link value is displayed as a tooltip using the title anchor
1716 attribute.
1717 To use in eg. the superseder field, have something like this:
1718 <td>
1719 <display call="field('superseder', showid=1)">
1720 <display call="classhelp('issue', 'id,title', label='list', width=500)">
1721 <property name="superseder">
1722 <br>View: <display call="link('superseder', showid=1)">
1723 </property>
1724 </td>
1725- stripping of the email message body can now be controlled through the
1727- all database files created are now group readable and writable.
1728- added option to automatically add the authors and recipients of messages
1729 to the nosy lists with the options ADD_AUTHOR_TO_NOSY (default 'new') and
1730 ADD_RECIPIENTS_TO_NOSY (default 'new'). These settings emulate the current
1731 behaviour. Setting them to 'yes' will add the author/recipients to the nosy
1732 on messages that create issues and followup messages.
1733- reverting to dates for intervals > 2 months sucks
1734- changed the default message list in issues to display the message body
1735- applied patch #558876 ] cgi client customization
1736- split instance initialisation into two steps, allowing config changes
1737 before the database is initialised.
1738- don't create an empty message on email issue creation if the email is empty
1739- may now display additional fields in Multilink form menus
1740- #541941 ] changing multilink properties by mail
1741- #526730 ] search for messages capability
1742- #505180 ] split MailGW.handle_Message
1743 - also changed cgi client since it was duplicating the functionality
1746- stop sending blank (whitespace-only) notes
1747- cleanup of serialisation for database storage
1748- node ids are now generated from a lockable store - no more race conditions
1749- sorting was applied to all nodes of the MultiLink class instead of
1750 to the nodes that are actually linked to in the "field" template
1751 function. This adds about 20+ seconds in the display of an issue if
1752 your database has a 1000 or more issues in it.
1753- added missing documentation for a few of the config option values
1754- file upload broke if you didn't supply a change note
1755- fixed SCRIPT_NAME in ZRoundup for instances not at top level of Zope
1756 (thanks dman)
1757- fixed some sorting issues that were breaking some unit tests under py2.2
1758- mailgw test output dir was confusing the init test (but only on 2.2 *shrug*)
1759- node caching now works, and gives a small boost in performance
1760- #449374 ] re-enable bsddb3 backend
1761 bsddb3 backend now works, reinstating
1762- #551483 ] assignedto in Client.make_index_link
1763- made backends.__init__ be more specific about which ImportErrors it really
1764 wants to ignore
1765- fixed the example addresses in the templates to use correct example domains
1766- cleaned out the template stylesheets, removing a bunch of junk that really
1767 wasn't necessary (font specs, styles never used) and added a style for
1768 message content
1769- build htmlbase if tests are run using CVS checkout
1770- #565979 ] code error in hyperdb.Class.find
1771- #565996 ] The "Attach a File to this Issue" fails
1772- #564271 ] find() and new properties
1773- #562130 ] cookie path generated from ZRoundup was wrong in some situations
1774- remove CR characters embedded in messages (ZRoundup)
1775- properly quote the email address and "real name" in all situations using the
1776 'email' module if it is available and 'rfc822' otherwise
1777- #565992 ] if ISSUE_TRACKER_WEB doesn't have the trailing '/', add it
1778- use the rfc822 module to ensure that every (oddball) email address and
1779 real-name is properly quoted
1780- #558867 ] ZRoundup redirect /instance requests to /instance/
1781- #569415 ] {version}
1782- #569178 ] type error
1783 was fixed as part of the general cleanup of reactors
17862002-03-25 - 0.4.1
1788- use blobfiles in back_anydbm which is used in back_bsddb.
1789 change test_db as dirlist does not work for subdirectories.
1790 ATTENTION: blobfiles now creates subdirectories for files.
1791- add module blobfiles in backends with file access functions.
1792- roundup db catch only IOError in getfile.
1793- roundup db catches retrieving not existing files.
1794- #503204 ] mailgw needs a default class
1795 - partially done - the setting of additional properties can wait for a
1796 better configuration system.
1797- Alternate email addresses are now available for users. See the MIGRATION
1798 file for info on how to activate the feature.
1799- #511168 ] Web interface: Adding new products
1800 Classes that don't provide template html get a default edit interface now:
1801 - access using the admin "class list" interface
1802 - limited to admin-only
1803 - requires the csv module from object-craft (url given if it's missing)
1804- Added popup help for classes using the classhelp html template function.
1805 - add <display call="classhelp('priority', 'id,name,description')">
1806 to an item page, and it generates a link to a popup window which displays
1807 the id, name and description for the priority class. The description
1808 field won't exist in most installations, but it will be added to the
1809 default templates.
1810- #517734 ] web header customisation is obscure
1811- All messages sent to the nosy list are now encoded as
1812 quoted-printable before they are sent.
1813- Fixed display of mutlilink properties when using the template
1814 functions, menu and plain.
1817- Clean up mail handling, multipart handling.
1818- respect encodings in non multipart messages.
1819- makeHtmlBase: re.sub under python 2.2 did not replace '.', string.replace
1820 does it.
1821- preamble in tepmlateBuilder mentioned htmldata
1822- mailgw checks encoding on first part too.
1823- #511586 ] unittest FAIL: testReldate_date
1824- Added a uniquely Roundup header to email, "X-Roundup-Name"
1825- All forms now have "double-submit" protection when Javascript is enabled
1826 on the client-side.
1827- #516883 ] mail interface + ANONYMOUS_REGISTER
1828- #516854 ] "My Issues" and redisplay
1829- #517906 ] Attribute order in "View customisation"
1830- #514854 ] History: "User" is always ticket creator
1831- wasn't handling cvs parser feeding correctly
1832- fixed some problems in date calculations ( doesn't handle over-
1833 and under-flow). Also, hour/minute/second intervals may now be more than
1834 99 each.
1835- #527416 ] roundup-admin uses undefined value
1836- #527503 ] unfriendly init blowup when parent dir
1837 (also handles UsageError correctly now in init)
1838- #524129 ] roundup-admin gets python path wrong
18412002-01-24 - 0.4.0
1843- much nicer history display (actualy real handling of property types etc)
1844- journal entries for link and mutlilink properties can be switched on or
1845 off
1846- properties in change note are now sorted
1847- you can now use the roundup-admin tool pack the database
1850- the mail gateway now responds with an error message when invalid values
1851 for arguments are specified for link or mutlilink properties
1852- modified unit test to check nosy and assignedto when specified as arguments
1853- handle attachments with no name (eg tnef)
1854- fixed setting nosy as argument in subject line
1855- fixed back_bsddb so it passed the journal tests
1856- fixed status changes in mail gateway (eg. unread -> chatting)
1857- we'll actually distribute the frontends directory now, as advertised...
1858- handle stripping of "AW:" from subject line
1859- htmltemplate list() wasn't sorting...
1860- unit tests for html templating (and re-enabled the listbox field for
1861 multilinks)
1862- allow abbreviation of "help" in admin tool too.
1863- run_tests testReldate_date failed if LANG is 'german'
1864- mailgw failures (unexpected ones) are forwarded to the roundup admin
18672002-01-16 - 0.4.0b2
1869- #495392 ] empty nosy -patch
1870- #500574 ] messageid must have format <part1@part2>
1871- fixed some problems with web editing and change detection
1872- mail splitting wasn't detecting responses in the same "section" as quoted
1873 text
1874- missed a "from i18n import _" in
1875- #501690 ] MIGRATION.txt incomplete
1876- #502342 ] pipe interface
1877- #502437 ] rogue reactor and unittest
1878- re-enabled dumbdbm when using python >2.1.1 (ie 2.1.2, 2.2)
1879- changed all config accesses so they access either the instance or the
1880 config attriubute on the db. This means that all config is obtained from
1881 instance_config instead of the mish-mash of classes. This will make
1882 switching to a ConfigParser setup easier too, I hope.
1883- #502951 ] adding new properties to old database
1884- #502953 ] nosy-like treatment of other multilinks
1885- #503164 ] create and passwords
1886- plain rendering of links in the htmltemplate now generate a hyperlink to
1887 the linked node's page.
1888- #503330 ] ANONYMOUS_REGISTER now applies to mail
1889- #503353 ] setting properties in initial email
1890- #502956 ] filtering by multilink not supported
1891- #503340 ] creating issue with [asignedto=p.ohly]
1892- #502949 ] index view for non-issues and redisplay
1893- #503793 ] changing assignedto resets nosy list
1894- lots of date/interval related changes:
1895 - more relaxed date format for input
1896 - handle None for date/interval properties
18992002-01-08 - 0.4.0b1
1901- Added INSTANCE_NAME to configuration - used in web and email to identify
1902 the instance.
1903- Added EMAIL_SIGNATURE_POSITION to indicate where to place the roundup
1904 signature info in e-mails.
1905- Some more flexibility in the mail gateway and more error handling.
1906- Login now takes you to the page you back to the were denied access to.
1907- Admin user now can has a user index link on their web interface.
1908- We now have basic transaction support. Information is only written to
1909 the database when the commit() method is called. Only the anydbm and
1910 bsddb3 backends are modified in this way - the bsddb3 backend needs a
1911 lot more work anyway...
1912 - the CGI and mailgw automatically commit() at the end of processing a
1913 single transaction
1914 - the admin tool requires an explicit "commit" - it will prompt at exit
1915 if there are unsaved changes. A "rollback" removes all changes made
1916 during the session (up to the last commit).
1917- Added the "display" command to the admin tool - displays a node's values
1918- Message author's name appears in From: instead of roundup instance name
1919 (which still appears in the Reply-To:)
1920- Added a Zope frontend for roundup.
1921- Centralised the python version check code, bumped version to 2.1.1 (really
1922 needs to be 2.1.2, but that isn't released yet :)
1923- much better attaching of erroneous messages in the mail gateway
1924- #496356 ] Use threading in messages
1925 This adds the tracking of messages by message-id and allows threading
1926 using in-reply-to. Most e-mail clients support threading using this
1927 feature, and we hope to add support for it to the web gateway.
1930- Lots of bugs, thanks Roché and others on the devel mailing list!
1931- login_action and newuser_action return values were being ignored
1932- Woohoo! Found that bloody re-login bug that was killing the mail
1933 gateway.
1934- Fixed login/registration forwarding the user to the right page (or not,
1935 on a failure)
1936- We now use weakrefs in the Classes to keep the database reference, so
1937 the close() method on the database is no longer needed.
1938- #487480 ] roundup-server
1939- #487476 ] INSTALL.txt
1940- #489760 ] [issue] only subject
1941- fixed doc/index.html to include the quoting in the mail alias.
1942- fixed the backends __init__ so we can pydoc the backend modules
1943- web i/f reports "note added" if there are no changes but a note is entered
1944- we were assuming database files created by anydbm had the same name, but
1945 this is not the case for dbm. We now perform a much better check _and_
1946 cope with the anydbm implementation module changing too!
1947- envelope-from is now set to the roundup-admin and not roundup itself so
1948 delivery reports aren't sent to roundup (thanks Patrick Ohly)
1949- #495400 ] entering blanks
1950 Values with spaces are now accepted in roundup-admin - check the long help
1951 for details.
1952- #496360 ] table width does not work
1953- detectors were being registered multiple times
1954- added tests for mailgw
19572001-11-23 - 0.3.0
1959- #467129 ] Lossage when username=e-mail-address
1960- #473123 ] Change message generation for author
1961- MailGW now moves 'resolved' to 'chatting' on receiving e-mail for an issue.
1962- Added Structured Text rendering to htmltemplate, thanks Brad Clements.
1963- Added CGI configuration via env vars (see roundup.cgi for details)
1964- "roundup.cgi" is now installed to "<python-prefix>/share/roundup/cgi-bin"
1965- roundup-admin now accepts abbreviated commands (eg. l = li = lis = list)
1966- roundup-mailgw now supports unix mailbox and POP as sources of mail.
1967- roundup-admin now handles all hyperdb exceptions
1968- users may attach files to issues (and support in ext) through the web now
1969- incorporated patch from Roch'e Compaan implementing attachments in nosy
1970 e-mail
1971- added a target version field to the extended issue schema
1972- added dummy hooks for I18N and some preliminary (test) markup of
1973 translatable messages
1976- Fixed a bug in HTMLTemplate changes.
1977- 'unread' to 'chatting' automagic status change was b0rken.
1978- Anonymous user lockout wasn't working.
1979- roundup-server now works on Windows, thanks Juergen Hermann.
1980- Fixed install documentation, also thanks Juergen Hermann.
1981- Fixed some URL issues in roundup.cgi, again thanks Juergen Hermann.
1982- bug #475347 ] WindowsError still not caught (patch from Juergen Hermann)
1983- bug #474749 ] indentations lost
1984- bug #477104 ] HTML tag error in roundup-server
1985- bug #477107 ] HTTP header problem
1986- bug #477687 ] conforming html
1987- bug #474372 ] Netscape 4.77 do not render Support form
1988- bug #477685 ] base64.decodestring breaks
1989- bug #477837 ] lynx does not like the cookie
1990- bug #477892 ] Password edit doesn't fix login cookie
1991- newuser_action now presents error messages rather than tracebacks.
1992- bug #479511 ] mailgw to pop
1993- bug #479508 ] roundup-admin crash on wrong class
1994- bad error report in hyperdb
1995- roundup.mailgw now handles errors on the set() and create() at the end
1996 of processing
1997- roundup.mailgw also handles messages that are passed to it that don't
1998 contain a From: line - apparently some POP servers can do this. It punts
1999 an error message to the roundup admin.
2000- fixed nosy reaction and author copy handling
2001- errors in nosy reaction will be propogated now (were effectively being
2002 squashed)
2003- re-open the database as the author in mail handling
2004- missing "return" in filter_section (thanks Roch'e Compaan)
20072001-10-23 - 0.3.0 pre 3
2009- MailGW now moves 'unread' to 'chatting' on receiving e-mail for an issue.
2010- feature #473127: Filenames. I modified the file.index and htmltemplate
2011 source so that the filename is used in the link and the creation
2012 information is displayed.
2013 Admin Tool (roundup-admin):
2014 - Interactive mode for running multiple (independant at present) commands.
2015 - Tabular display of nodes.
2016 - Import and export via colon-separated files.
2019- re-organised the html templating code. Fixed some bugs, probably
2020 introduced some more. Hopefully not too many.
2023- Stand-alone server now has a configurable setuid user.
2024- CGI interface wasn't handling checkboxes at all.
2025- Fixed quopri usage in mailgw from bug reports on mailing list.
2026- Remove the "freshen" command from the roundup-admin tool.
2027- Catch errors in login - no username or password supplied.
2028- Fixed editing of password (Password property type) thanks Roch'e Compaan.
2029- Fixed grouping of non-str properties thanks Roch'e Compaan.
2030- bug #473121: The customisation view and filters (CGI interface view
2031 customisation section may now be hidden (patch from Roch'e Compaan.)
2032- bug #473122: Issue id sorting (hyperdb sorts strings-that-look-like-numbers
2033 as numbers now.
2034- bug #473124: UI inconsistency with Link fields.
2035 This also prompted me to fix a fairly long-standing usability issue -
2036 that of being able to turn off certain filters.
2037- bug #473125: Paragraph in e-mails
2038- bug #473126: Sender unknown
2039- bug #473130: Nosy list not set correctly
20422001-10-11 - 0.3.0 pre 2
2044- Hyperdatabase was inserting empty strings instead of None for missing
2045 property values. This broke a lot of things.
20482001-10-10 - 0.3.0 pre 1
2050- roundup-admin create now prompts for property info if none is supplied
2051 on the command-line.
2052- hyperdb Class getprops() method may now return only the mutable
2053 properties.
2054- CGI interfaces now generate a top-level index of their known instances.
2057- Login now uses cookies, which makes it a whole lot more flexible. We can
2058 now support anonymous user access (read-only, unless there's an
2059 "anonymous" user, in which case write access is permitted). Login
2060 handling has been moved into cgi_client.Client.main()
2061- The "extended" schema is now the default in roundup init.
2062- The schemas have had their page headings modified to cope with the new
2063 login handling. Existing installations should copy the
2064 file from the roundup lib directory to their instance home.
2065- Passwords are now encoded by default (except exising databases which
2066 will only be encoded when the passwords are changed). The scheme used
2067 at the moment is SHA - but the code is flexible enough to take any
2068 number of encoding systems.
2069- The roundup-admin tool always operates as the "admin" user now. Database
2070 protection should be achieved using file system protections (see the
2071 documentation for details.)
2074- Incorrectly had a Bizar Software copyright on the module from
2075 Ping - has been removed.
2076- Pretty time interval wasn't handling > 1 month properly.
2077- Generation of links to Link/Multilink in indexes. (thanks Hubert Hoegl)
2078- AssignedTo wasn't in the "classic" schema's item page.
2079- Fixed a whole bunch of places in the CGI interface where we should have
2080 been returning Not Found instead of throwing an exception.
2081- Fixed a deviation from the spec: trying to modify the 'id' property of
2082 an item now throws an exception.
2083- The plain() template function now html-escapes the content.
2084- Change message was stuffing up for multilinks with no key property.
20902001-08-30 - 0.2.8
2092- Wasn't handling unguessable mime types for file uploads.
2093- Missing import in mailgw.
20962001-08-29 - 0.2.7
2098- Text searches are now case insensitive. All forms of text search use
2099 regular expressions now.
2102- Had another 2.1-ism in the unit tests
2103- Made the mail parser a little more robust w.r.t missing Subject:
2104 (both thanks Mikhail Sobolev)
2105- Missed some isFooType usages (thanks Mikhail Sobolev for spotting them)
2106- Reverted back to sending change messages to the web editor of a node so
2107 that the change note message is actually genrated.
2108- CGI interface wasn't generating correct change messages.
2109- Notes entered during a change are saved to the messages list even if
2110 there's no nosy list. No message is generated if there's no nosy list and
2111 there's no change note (since it would just duplicates the journal).
2112- Completely removed the bsddb3 module from the tests - will be reinstated
2113 when the's bugs #439959 and #456408 are
2114 dealt with. One is fixed in CVS, the other pending.
21172001-08-08 - 0.2.6
2119- Roundup is now released under the same terms as the Python License.
2122- Added tests for instance initialisation. No more releasing the software
2123 with bugs in roundup.init!
2124- Now bundling unittest with the package so that python 2.0 users can use
2125 the tests.
2126- Much better error handling and messages generated by the mail gateway.
2129- Implemented correct mail splitting. Added unit tests. Also snips
2130 signatures now too.
2131- Bug #447671 - typo in roundup/
2132- Changed date.Date to use regular string formatting instead of strftime -
2133 win32 seems to have problems with %T and no hour... or something...
2134- Bug #448484 - now catching correct exception from makedirs.
2135- Instances are now opened by a special function that generates a unique
2136 module name for the instances on import time.
21392001-08-03 - 0.2.5
2141- The bsddb3 module has a bug that renders it non-functional. Users should
2142 select the anydbm or bsddb backend instead.
2145- Python 2.0 does not contain the unittest module. The module now
2146 checks for unittest before attempting to run the unit tests.
21492001-08-03 - 0.2.4
2151- Added ability for cgi newblah forms to indicate that the new node
2152 should be linked somewhere.
2153- Added time logging and file uploading to the templates.
2154- Added "My Issues" and "My Support" to extended template. Changed "Your
2155 Details" to "My Details". Changed the "New Foo" links to "Add Foo".
2156 Added links for unassigned support and issues. Generally reorganised and
2157 cleanup the header up.
2158- Changed the order of the information in the message generated by web edits.
2159- Extended the range of intervals that are pretty-printed before actual dates
2160 are displayed.
2161- Added more BUILD instructions including the "clean" command to force
2162 rebuild.
2163- Web edit messages aren't sent to the person who did the edit any more. No
2164 message is generated if they are the only person on the nosy list.
2165- Roundupdb now appends "mailing list" information to its messages which
2166 include the e-mail address and web interface address. Templates may
2167 override this in their db classes to include specific information (support
2168 instructions, etc).
2171- Argument handling for the roundup-admin find command.
2172- Handling of summary when no note supplied for newblah. Again.
2173- Detection of no form in htmltemplate Field display.
2174- Checklist html template command was setting wrong name.
2175- 2.1-specific gmtime() (no arg) call in (thanks Paul Wright)
2176- mailgw was making naughty assumptions about the schema of the classes it
2177 was creating nodes for.
2178- remove the $Foo$ from the HTML files stored in the htmlbase modules.
2179- Instance import now imports the instance using imp.load_module so that
2180 we can have instance homes of "roundup" or other existing python package
2181 names.
21842001-07-30 - 0.2.3
2185Big change:
2186- I've split off the support class from the issue class in "extended".
2187 Anyone who has any support entries, sorry. It should be possible to
2188 write a scipt that moves the entries over pretty easily. If this causes
2189 you pain, I'll do so. You'll want to update your instance with the new
2190 code in "extended" either way.
2193- Added the unit tests to the start of so they're run whenever
2194 we do anything distutils'y.
2195- Added nicer prompting to the roundup-admin "init" command.
2196- Actually, the roundup-admin code is totally revamped, and has command
2197 help and better command-line arg handling.
2198- The cgi_client.Client base class now reflects the structure of "classic"
2199 rather than "extended" since "classic" is more of a "base" template.
2200- Added more DB to test. Skips tests where imports fail.
2203- One of the tests in test_date had the wrong expected result.
2204- Fixed IssueClass so that superseders links to its classname rather than
2205 hard-coded to "issue".
2206- templatebuilder was catching IOError instead of OSError.
2207- The cgi_client newblah method wasn't detecting the __note form field
2208 properly.
2209- The History command in htmltemplate didn't handle a new node (None
2210 nodeid) properly.
22132001-07-29 - 0.2.2
2215- Added implementation.txt to the doc directory. Contains implementation
2216 notes specific to this implementations of Roundup.
2217- Cleaned up mailgw some (subclass Message for getPart) and added some
2218 tests for multipart splitting.
2219- Better checking for html dir in templatebuilder.
2220- Base hyperdb.Class now fakes the "id" property.
2221- Made the classic roundup look more like the original prototype.
2222- Made cgi_client and templating slightly more generic.
2223- Moved some code around in cgi_client allowing for subclassing to change
2224 behaviour.
2225- Added the fabricated property "id" to all hyperdb classes.
2226- Cleanup of the link label generation (new method on hyperdb.Class to do
2227 it).
2230- Everything uses errno module now to check errno values.
2231- New issue form handles lack of note better now.
2232- HTML templating uses section-bar style for index group headers now.
2233- Fixed problem in link display when Link value is None.
2234- Form handling in cgi client wasn't propogating through the previous
2235 query elements.
2236- Fixed sort arguments generated for column headings so sorting can be
2237 changed now.
22402001-07-28 - 0.2.1
2242- Added docstring to roundup package so pydoc reports useful information.
2243- Added the roundup 1 software carpentry submission HTML to the doc
2244 directory as "overview.html".
2247- Fixed bug in init command - templatebuilder was assuming existence of
2248 "html" directory in instance home.
2249- Fixed INSTALL.txt to reflect some changes in the installation and test
2250 procedure. Whatdya know, " install" does the script install.
2251 There you go...
2252- Fixed some non-string node ids in cgi_client now that the hyperdb is
2253 strict about such things.
22552001-07-26 - 0.2.0
2257- Major reorganisation of code to allow multiple roundup instances and a
2258 single, site-packages -based installation. Also allows multiple database
2259 back-ends.
2260- Moved the bin/ proggies into the top dir, so that it all works
2261 out-of-the-box
2262- Added the "classic" template - a direct implementation of the Roundup
2263 spec. Well, as close as we're going to get, anyway.
2264- Added an issue priority of support to "extended"
2265- Added command-line arg handling to roundup-server so it's more useful
2266 out-of-the-box.
2267- Added distutils-style installation of "lib" files.
2268- Added some unit tests.
2271- Fixed bug in re generation in the filter
2272- Fixed handling of None String property in grouped list headings
2273- Fixed adding new issue with no change note
2274- Fixed values in text input fields which contained quotes (") are now
2275 quoted.
2276- Fixed a bug in the hyperdb filter - wrong variable names in the error
2277 message.
22792001-07-19 - 0.1.3
2280- Reldate now takes an argument "pretty" - when true, it pretty-prints the
2281 interval generated up to 5 days, then pretty-prints the date of last
2282 activity. The issue index and item now use the pretty format.
2283- Classes list for admin user in CGI interface.
2284- Made the view configuration more accessible, neater and more realistic.
2285- Fixed list view grouping handling grouping by a Multilink or String or Link
2286 value of None or Date, ... (mind you, sorting by Date???)
2287- Fixed bug in the plain formatter when a Link was None.
2288- Fixed ordering of list view column headings.
2289- Fixed list view column heading sort links - and limited the number of
2290 columns to sort by to 2.
2291- Added searching by glob to StringType filtering -
2292 ^text - search for text at start of fields
2293 text$ - search for text at end of fields
2294 ^text$ - exactly match text in fields
2295 te*xt - search for text matching "te"<any characters>"xt"
2296 te?xt - search for text matching "te"<any one character>"xt"
2297- Added more fields to the issue.filter and issue.index templates
23002001-07-18 - 0.1.2
2301- Set default index to ?:group=priority&:columns=activity,status,title so
2302 the priority column isn't displayed.
2303- Thanks Anthony:
2304 - added notes to the README about Python prerequisites
2305 - added check to, roundup.cgi, and
2306 for python 2+ - and made the file itself parseable by 1.5.2 ;)
2307 - python 2.0 didn't have the default args for the time module functions.
2308 - better handling of db directory in initDB
2309- Sorting on the extra properties defined by roundupdb classes was broken
2310 due to the caching used. May now sort on activity and creation
2311 properties, etc.
2312- Set the default index to sort on activity
23152001-07-18 - 0.1.1
2316- Initial version release with consent of Roundup spec author, Ka-Ping Yee:
2317 "Amazing! Nice work. I'll watch for the source code on your website."
23192001-07-11 - 0.1.0
2320- Needed a bug tracking system. Looked around. Tried to install many
2321 Perl-based systems, to no avail. Got tired of waiting for Roundup to be
2322 released. Had just finished major product project, so needed something
2323 different for a while. Roundup here I come...