Correction crash
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1Þ\12\ 4\95\0\0\0\0\96\ 1\0\0\1c\0\0\0Ì\f\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0|\19\0\0¡\0\0\0}\19\0\0\ 1\ 1\0\0\1f\1a\0\0H\0\0\0!\e\0\0Ù\0\0\0j\e\0\0Â
2\0\0D\1c\0\0\10\0\0\0\a'\0\0\19\0\0\0\18'\0\00\0\0\02'\0\0×\ 1\0\0c'\0\0)\ 1\0\0;)\0\02\0\0\0e*\0\0\a\0\0\0\98*\0\0\b\0\0\0 *\0\04\0\0\0©*\0\0\19\0\0\0Þ*\0\0\16\0\0\0ø*\0\0#\0\0\0\ f+\0\0\17\0\0\03+\0\0$\0\0\0K+\0\0\10\0\0\0p+\0\0\1d\0\0\0\81+\0\0\1d\0\0\0\9f+\0\0 \0\0\0½+\0\0)\0\0\0Þ+\0\0"\0\0\0\b,\0\0\18\0\0\0+,\0\0:\0\0\0D,\0\0)\0\0\0\7f,\0\0,\0\0\0©,\0\0!\0\0\0Ö,\0\0N\ 3\0\0ø,\0\0à\ 4\0\0G0\0\0\ e\0\0\0(5\0\0\ f\0\0\075\0\0\11\0\0\0G5\0\0\10\0\0\0Y5\0\0\ f\0\0\0j5\0\0\ f\0\0\0z5\0\0\11\0\0\0\8a5\0\0\19\0\0\0\9c5\0\0\17\0\0\0¶5\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Î5\0\0\ e\0\0\0Õ5\0\0\11\0\0\0ä5\0\0E\0\0\0ö5\0\0\ 6\0\0\0<6\0\07\0\0\0C6\0\0C\0\0\0{6\0\0¥\0\0\0¿6\0\0\v\0\0\0e7\0\0\v\0\0\0q7\0\0\14\0\0\0}7\0\0\v\0\0\0\927\0\0\b\0\0\0\9e7\0\0\v\0\0\0§7\0\0=\0\0\0³7\0\00\0\0\0ñ7\0\0\12\0\0\0"8\0\0u\0\0\058\0\0c\0\0\0«8\0\0\ e\0\0\0\ f9\0\0?\0\0\0\1e9\0\0.\0\0\0^9\0\09\ 2\0\0\8d9\0\0¿\0\0\0Ç;\0\01\0\0\0\87<\0\0K\0\0\0¹<\0\0\87\0\0\0\ 5=\0\0\ f\0\0\0\8d=\0\0\r\0\0\0\9d=\0\0\r\0\0\0«=\0\0\r\0\0\0¹=\0\02\0\0\0Ç=\0\0r\0\0\0ú=\0\0)\0\0\0m>\0\0\b\0\0\0\97>\0\0 \0\0\0 >\0\0\ 5\0\0\0ª>\0\0\ 6\0\0\0°>\0\0\b\0\0\0·>\0\0\10\0\0\0À>\0\0\ e\0\0\0Ñ>\0\0
3\0\0\0à>\0\02\0\0\0ë>\0\08\0\0\0\1e?\0\0\v\0\0\0W?\0\0\f\0\0\0c?\0\0\10\0\0\0p?\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\81?\0\0\11\0\0\0\88?\0\0
5\0\0\0\v@\0\0n\0\0\0\16@\0\0 \0\0\0\85@\0\0\19\0\0\0\8f@\0\0\10\0\0\0©@\0\0\a\0\0\0º@\0\0\f\0\0\0Â@\0\0
6\0\0\0Ï@\0\0g\0\0\0Ú@\0\0\b\0\0\0BA\0\0\ e\0\0\0KA\0\0\a\0\0\0ZA\0\0\b\0\0\0bA\0\0\ 4\0\0\0kA\0\0\r\0\0\0pA\0\0\ 6\0\0\0~A\0\0\v\0\0\0\85A\0\0\a\0\0\0\91A\0\0\b\0\0\0\99A\0\0\ f\0\0\0¢A\0\0\ e\0\0\0²A\0\0\ 4\0\0\0ÁA\0\0\ e\0\0\0ÆA\0\0\r\0\0\0ÕA\0\0
7\0\0\0ãA\0\0\ e\0\0\0îA\0\0\r\0\0\0ýA\0\0\10\0\0\0\vB\0\02\0\0\0\1cB\0\0\14\0\0\0OB\0\0\12\0\0\0dB\0\0 \0\0\0wB\0\0\r\0\0\0\81B\0\0)\0\0\0\8fB\0\0L\0\0\0¹B\0\0#\0\0\0\ 6C\0\02\0\0\0*C\0\0"\0\0\0]C\0\0\11\0\0\0\80C\0\0\ 4\0\0\0\92C\0\0\f\0\0\0\97C\0\0\19\0\0\0¤C\0\0\r\0\0\0¾C\0\0 \0\0\0ÌC\0\0\ 5\0\0\0ÖC\0\0 \0\0\0ÜC\0\0\f\0\0\0æC\0\0\ f\0\0\0óC\0\0\1d\0\0\0\ 3D\0\0\11\0\0\0!D\0\0\b\0\0\03D\0\0 \0\0\0<D\0\0\ e\0\0\0FD\0\0\11\0\0\0UD\0\0\ 4\0\0\0gD\0\0\a\0\0\0lD\0\0\19\0\0\0tD\0\0\1f\0\0\0\8eD\0\0\1c\0\0\0®D\0\0:\0\0\0ËD\0\0\e\0\0\0\ 6E\0\0l\0\0\0"E\0\0\ e\0\0\0\8fE\0\0\r\0\0\0\9eE\0\0"\0\0\0¬E\0\0\ f\0\0\0ÏE\0\0\1c\0\0\0ßE\0\0
8\0\0\0üE\0\0\12\0\0\0\aF\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\1aF\0\04\0\0\0!F\0\0\ f\0\0\0VF\0\0\f\0\0\0fF\0\0\a\0\0\0sF\0\0\ f\0\0\0{F\0\0\1c\0\0\0\8bF\0\0\b\0\0\0¨F\0\0\ f\0\0\0±F\0\0\1c\0\0\0ÁF\0\0\r\0\0\0ÞF\0\0\1a\0\0\0ìF\0\0\ e\0\0\0\aG\0\0\e\0\0\0\16G\0\0\1d\0\0\02G\0\0\ 5\0\0\0PG\0\0
9\0\0\0VG\0\0\ e\0\0\0aG\0\0\ 6\0\0\0pG\0\0\1a\0\0\0wG\0\0\1a\0\0\0\92G\0\0\ f\0\0\0­G\0\0\f\0\0\0½G\0\0\14\0\0\0ÊG\0\0\b\0\0\0ßG\0\0/\0\0\0èG\0\0\ 4\0\0\0\18H\0\0'\0\0\0\1dH\0\0(\0\0\0EH\0\0 \0\0\0nH\0\0\16\0\0\0xH\0\0\11\0\0\0\8fH\0\0\v\0\0\0¡H\0\0\18\0\0\0­H\0\0\13\0\0\0ÆH\0\0\b\0\0\0ÚH\0\0\15\0\0\0ãH\0\0\10\0\0\0ùH\0\0%\0\0\0
10I\0\0&\0\0\00I\0\0\15\0\0\0WI\0\0\ 2\0\0\0mI\0\0\r\0\0\0pI\0\0\17\0\0\0~I\0\0\11\0\0\0\96I\0\0 \0\0\0¨I\0\0\13\0\0\0²I\0\0=\0\0\0ÆI\0\0I\0\0\0\ 4J\0\0\1d\0\0\0NJ\0\0"\0\0\0lJ\0\0/\0\0\0\8fJ\0\03\0\0\0¿J\0\0\f\0\0\0óJ\0\0 \0\0\0\0K\0\0+\0\0\0
11K\0\0#\0\0\06K\0\0\16\0\0\0ZK\0\0#\0\0\0qK\0\0\ 5\0\0\0\95K\0\0\f\0\0\0\9bK\0\0\1a\0\0\0¨K\0\07\0\0\0ÃK\0\0\b\0\0\0ûK\0\0 \0\0\0\ 4L\0\0\ f\0\0\0\ eL\0\0\16\0\0\0\1eL\0\0\ 5\0\0\05L\0\0\r\0\0\0;L\0\0 \0\0\0IL\0\0
12\0\0\0SL\0\0 \0\0\0^L\0\0\b\0\0\0hL\0\0\e\0\0\0qL\0\0%\0\0\0\8dL\0\0\e\0\0\0³L\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ÏL\0\0\16\0\0\0ÖL\0\05\0\0\0íL\0\0\ 6\0\0\0#M\0\0\10\0\0\0*M\0\0\ 5\0\0\0;M\0\01\0\0\0AM\0\0\f\0\0\0sM\0\0+\0\0\0\80M\0\0\ e\0\0\0¬M\0\0\ 6\0\0\0»M\0\0\19\0\0\0ÂM\0\0\e\0\0\0ÜM\0\0\b\0\0\0øM\0\0\ f\0\0\0\ 1N\0\0\v\0\0\0\11N\0\0\1e\0\0\0\1dN\0\0\13\0\0\0<N\0\0D\0\0\0PN\0\0\10\0\0\0\95N\0\0\a\0\0\0¦N\0\0\b\0\0\0®N\0\0\v\0\0\0·N\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ÃN\0\0\a\0\0\0ÊN\0\0\ e\0\0\0ÒN\0\0\10\0\0\0áN\0\0
14\0\0\0ýN\0\0/\0\0\0\bO\0\0.\0\0\08O\0\0\b\0\0\0gO\0\0\ 5\0\0\0pO\0\0\ 6\0\0\0vO\0\0E\0\0\0}O\0\0V\0\0\0ÃO\0\0\e\0\0\0\1aP\0\0\ 5\0\0\06P\0\0\ 6\0\0\0<P\0\0\ 6\0\0\0CP\0\0\f\0\0\0JP\0\0\19\0\0\0WP\0\0\ 4\0\0\0qP\0\0/\0\0\0vP\0\0:\0\0\0¦P\0\0\15\0\0\0áP\0\0\10\0\0\0÷P\0\0\18\0\0\0\bQ\0\0\b\0\0\0!Q\0\0\v\0\0\0*Q\0\0ì\b\0\06Q\0\0n\ 1\0\0#Z\0\0\ 6\ 1\0\0\92[\0\0Ã\0\0\0\99\\0\0V\ 1\0\0]]\0\0#\ 1\0\0´^\0\0Ë\0\0\0Ø_\0\0ß\0\0\0¤`\0\0¢\0\0\0\84a\0\0ù\ 2\0\0'b\0\0Ð\0\0\0!e\0\0\96\ 2\0\0òe\0\0ó\ 1\0\0\89h\0\0\ 4\ 2\0\0}j\0\0Ò\0\0\0\82l\0\0ª\0\0\0Um\0\0õ\0\0\0\0n\0\0g\ 1\0\0ön\0\0c\0\0\0^p\0\0&\ 2\0\0Âp\0\0\8a\0\0\0ér\0\0\86\ 3\0\0ts\0\0!\0\0\0ûv\0\0\e\0\0\0\1dw\0\0 \0\0\09w\0\0\19\0\0\0Cw\0\0\f\0\0\0]w\0\0\19\0\0\0jw\0\0 \0\0\0\84w\0\0\11\0\0\0\8ew\0\0\b\0\0\0 w\0\0\11\0\0\0©w\0\0 \0\0\0»w\0\0\r\0\0\0Åw\0\0r\0\0\0Ów\0\0\7f\0\0\0Fx\0\0)\0\0\0Æx\0\0)\0\0\0ðx\0\0\ 3\0\0\0\1ay\0\0\12\0\0\0\1ey\0\0:\0\0\01y\0\0$\0\0\0ly\0\0&\0\0\0\91y\0\0 \0\0\0¸y\0\0A\0\0\0Ùy\0\0.\0\0\0\ez\0\0,\0\0\0Jz\0\0-\0\0\0wz\0\0#\0\0\0¥z\0\0Z\0\0\0Éz\0\0:\0\0\0${\0\0|\0\0\0_{\0\0.\0\0\0Ü{\0\0)\0\0\0\v|\0\0\8c\0\0\05|\0\0\f\0\0\0Â|\0\0\v\0\0\0Ï|\0\0\13\0\0\0Û|\0\0\12\0\0\0ï|\0\0\b\0\0\0\ 2}\0\0\ 5\0\0\0\v}\0\0\a\0\0\0\11}\0\0%\0\0\0\19}\0\0\ e\0\0\0?}\0\0
15\0\0\0N}\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Y}\0\0\r\0\0\0`}\0\0\b\0\0\0n}\0\0\a\0\0\0w}\0\0a\0\0\0\7f}\0\0
17\0\0\0ì}\0\0\b\0\0\0÷}\0\0\ 4\0\0\0\0~\0\0\a\0\0\0\ 5~\0\0\ 5\0\0\0\r~\0\0\ 5\0\0\0\13~\0\0\16\0\0\0\19~\0\0\v\0\0\00~\0\0\a\0\0\0<~\0\0\b\0\0\0D~\0\0\b\0\0\0M~\0\0 \0\0\0V~\0\0\ 4\0\0\0`~\0\01\0\0\0e~\0\0\b\0\0\0\97~\0\0\ f\0\0\0 ~\0\0\r\0\0\0°~\0\0\ 2\0\0\0¾~\0\0'\0\0\0Á~\0\0-\0\0\0é~\0\0\1d\0\0\0\17\7f\0\0\1d\0\0\05\7f\0\0\b\0\0\0S\7f\0\0\ 4\0\0\0\\7f\0\0\f\0\0\0a\7f\0\0\f\0\0\0n\7f\0\0\b\0\0\0{\7f\0\0:\0\0\0\84\7f\0\0G\0\0\0¿\7f\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\a\80\0\0\b\0\0\0\ e\80\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\17\80\0\0\a\0\0\0\1e\80\0\0\ 3\0\0\0&\80\0\0\ 6\0\0\0*\80\0\0
18\0\0\01\80\0\0\ 5\0\0\0<\80\0\0\b\0\0\0B\80\0\0\ 5\0\0\0K\80\0\0
19\0\0\0Q\80\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\\80\0\0\ 3\0\0\0c\80\0\0 \0\0\0g\80\0\0-\0\0\0q\80\0\0¸\ 1\0\0\9f\80\0\0\91\0\0\0X\82\0\0ú\0\0\0ê\82\0\0C\0\0\0å\83\0\0Æ\0\0\0)\84\0\0\ 5
20\0\0ð\84\0\0\10\0\0\0ö\8e\0\0\e\0\0\0\a\8f\0\01\0\0\0#\8f\0\0\98\ 1\0\0U\8f\0\0.\ 1\0\0î\90\0\0,\0\0\0\1d\92\0\0\ 6\0\0\0J\92\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Q\92\0\05\0\0\0X\92\0\0\1f\0\0\0\8e\92\0\0\14\0\0\0®\92\0\0"\0\0\0Ã\92\0\0\15\0\0\0æ\92\0\0"\0\0\0ü\92\0\0\ f\0\0\0\1f\93\0\0\1c\0\0\0/\93\0\0\1f\0\0\0L\93\0\0 \0\0\0l\93\0\0,\0\0\0\8d\93\0\0\1f\0\0\0º\93\0\0\1a\0\0\0Ú\93\0\0=\0\0\0õ\93\0\0+\0\0\03\94\0\0*\0\0\0_\94\0\0!\0\0\0\8a\94\0\0V\ 3\0\0¬\94\0\0ß\ 4\0\0\ 3\98\0\0\r\0\0\0ã\9c\0\0\10\0\0\0ñ\9c\0\0\10\0\0\0\ 2\9d\0\0\r\0\0\0\13\9d\0\0\r\0\0\0!\9d\0\0\r\0\0\0/\9d\0\0\13\0\0\0=\9d\0\0\18\0\0\0Q\9d\0\0\1a\0\0\0j\9d\0\0 \0\0\0\85\9d\0\0\f\0\0\0\8f\9d\0\0\ f\0\0\0\9c\9d\0\0E\0\0\0¬\9d\0\0\b\0\0\0ò\9d\0\07\0\0\0û\9d\0\08\0\0\03\9e\0\0»\0\0\0l\9e\0\0\v\0\0\0(\9f\0\0\a\0\0\04\9f\0\0\15\0\0\0<\9f\0\0\r\0\0\0R\9f\0\0\a\0\0\0`\9f\0\0 \0\0\0h\9f\0\0?\0\0\0r\9f\0\0$\0\0\0²\9f\0\0\12\0\0\0×\9f\0\0c\0\0\0ê\9f\0\0c\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0² \0\0<\0\0\0 \0\0+\0\0\0ÿ \0\0å\ 1\0\0\0\0\9d\0\0\0\11£\0\0,\0\0\0¯£\0\0G\0\0\0Ü£\0\0\87\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0¬¤\0\0\ f\0\0\0¼¤\0\0\ f\0\0\0̤\0\0\ f\0\0\0ܤ\0\06\0\0\0ì¤\0\0N\0\0\0\0\0-\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0 ¥\0\0\f\0\0\0ª¥\0\0 \0\0\0·¥\0\0\f\0\0\0Á¥\0\0\f\0\0\0Î¥\0\0\12\0\0\0Û¥\0\0\ 6\0\0\0î¥\0\0\r\0\0\0õ¥\0\0(\0\0\0\ 3¦\0\0$\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\8c¦\0\0 \0\0\0\96¦\0\0#\0\0\0·¦\0\0\18\0\0\0Û¦\0\0\f\0\0\0ô¦\0\0\f\0\0\0\ 1§\0\0f\0\0\0\ e§\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\7f§\0\0\f\0\0\0\92§\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\9f§\0\0\f\0\0\0¦§\0\0\ 6\0\0\0³§\0\0o\0\0\0º§\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\10\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\87¨\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\8e¨\0\0\12\0\0\0\95¨\0\0\f\0\0\0¨¨\0\0\ 6\0\0\0µ¨\0\0\11\0\0\0¼¨\0\0\15\0\0\0Ψ\0\0\f\0\0\0ä¨\0\0\ f\0\0\0ñ¨\0\0\f\0\0\0\ 1©\0\0\ f\0\0\0\ e©\0\0*\0\0\0\1e©\0\0\1c\0\0\0\0\0\14\0\0\0\0\0\v\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\87©\0\0*\0\0\0\97©\0\0L\0\0\0©\0\0\19\0\0\0\ fª\0\0'\0\0\0\0\0\18\0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\84ª\0\0\19\0\0\0\91ª\0\0\f\0\0\0«ª\0\0 \0\0\0¸ª\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ª\0\0 \0\0\0ɪ\0\0\ f\0\0\0Óª\0\0\15\0\0\0ãª\0\0\17\0\0\0ùª\0\0\ f\0\0\0\11«\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\10\0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\1a\0\0\0\0\0\15\0\0\0\82«\0\0\15\0\0\0\98«\0\0/\0\0\0®«\0\0&\0\0\0Þ«\0\0l\0\0\0\ 5¬\0\0\ f\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\82¬\0\0#\0\0\0\8f¬\0\0\f\0\0\0³¬\0\0\19\0\0\0À¬\0\0\ e\0\0\0Ú¬\0\0\15\0\0\0é¬\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ÿ¬\0\0$\0\0\0\ 6­\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\0\0\1c\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\82­\0\0\f\0\0\0\8c­\0\0\19\0\0\0\99­\0\0\f\0\0\0³­\0\0\19\0\0\0À­\0\0\f\0\0\0Ú­\0\0\19\0\0\0ç­\0\0\19\0\0\0\ 1®\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\e®\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\1e\0\0\0\0\0\e\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ e\0\0\0\88®\0\0\15\0\0\0\97®\0\0\ 6\0\0\0­®\0\0'\0\0\0´®\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Ü®\0\0&\0\0\0ã®\0\0&\0\0\0
21¯\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\16\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\16\0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\83¯\0\0 \0\0\0\93¯\0\0\16\0\0\0\9d¯\0\0\ f\0\0\0´¯\0\0#\0\0\0į\0\0#\0\0\0è¯\0\0\15\0\0\0\f°\0\0\ 3\0\0\0\0\0\ e\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\17\0\0\0\0\0B\0\0\0\8e°\0\0Q\0\0\0Ñ°\0\0\18\0\0\0\0\0"\0\0\0\0\0$\0\0\0\0\0B\0\0\0\84±\0\0\ 6\0\0\0DZ\0\0\f\0\0\0α\0\0\1e\0\0\0Û±\0\0$\0\0\0ú±\0\0\12\0\0\0\1f²\0\0\1f\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\15\0\0\0\0\0*\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0§²\0\0\f\0\0\0±²\0\0\15\0\0\0¾²\0\0\15\0\0\0Ô²\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ê²\0\0\ f\0\0\0ñ²\0\0\f\0\0\0\ 1³\0\0 \0\0\0\ e³\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\18³\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\1f³\0\0\15\0\0\0\0\0\1f\0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\12\0\0\0\0\07\0\0\0\89³\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Á³\0\0\14\0\0\0ȳ\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ݳ\0\08\0\0\0ä³\0\0\r\0\0\0\1d´\0\0*\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\18\0\0\0\0\0\19\0\0\0\83´\0\0\f\0\0\0\9d´\0\0\ f\0\0\0ª´\0\0\ f\0\0\0º´\0\0.\0\0\0Ê´\0\0\18\0\0\0ù´\0\0N\0\0\0\12µ\0\0\ f\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\8bµ\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\98µ\0\0 \0\0\0\9fµ\0\0\f\0\0\0©µ\0\0\ f\0\0\0¶µ\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Ƶ\0\0 \0\0\0͵\0\0*\0\0\0×µ\0\0/\0\0\0\ 2\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0E\0\0\0\0\0_\0\0\0\90\0\0\e\0\0\0ð¶\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\f·\0\0 \0\0\0\13·\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\1d·\0\0\10\0\0\0\0\0\1d\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\02\0\0\0\0\0?\0\0\0\8d·\0\0\12\0\0\0Í·\0\0\ f\0\0\0à·\0\0\1d\0\0\0ð·\0\0 \0\0\0\ e¸\0\0 \0\0\0\18¸\0\07\b\0\0\0\0!\ 1\0\0\0\0Ð\0\0\0\0\0\96\0\0\0\0\04\ 1\0\0äÂ\0\0\14\ 1\0\0\19Ä\0\0Â\0\0\0\0\0í\0\0\0ñÅ\0\0£\0\0\0ßÆ\0\0ñ\ 2\0\0\83Ç\0\0Â\0\0\0\0\0z\ 2\0\0\0\0×\ 1\0\0³Í\0\0­\ 1\0\0\8bÏ\0\0§\0\0\0\0\0²\0\0\0áÑ\0\0õ\0\0\0\94Ò\0\0;\ 1\0\0\8aÓ\0\0V\0\0\0ÆÔ\0\0\15\ 2\0\0\1dÕ\0\0}\0\0\0\0\0\11\ 3\0\0±×\0\0%\0\0\0ÃÚ\0\0\19\0\0\0éÚ\0\0\f\0\0\0\ 3Û\0\0\19\0\0\0\10Û\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\19\0\0\0\0\0\ e\0\0\0\0\0\15\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ f\0\0\0\80Û\0\0\f\0\0\0\90Û\0\0\10\0\0\0\9dÛ\0\0y\0\0\0®Û\0\0\94\0\0\0\0\0)\0\0\0½Ü\0\0)\0\0\0çÜ\0\0\ 3\0\0\0\11Ý\0\0\ f\0\0\0\15Ý\0\02\0\0\0\0\0\15\0\0\0\0\0\18\0\0\0\0\0\e\0\0\0\87Ý\0\05\0\0\0£Ý\0\0"\0\0\0ÙÝ\0\0"\0\0\0üÝ\0\0'\0\0\0\1fÞ\0\0\18\0\0\0\0\0Q\0\0\0\0\04\0\0\0²Þ\0\0i\0\0\0çÞ\0\0'\0\0\0\0\0!\0\0\0\0\0c\0\0\0\9bß\0\0\f\0\0\0ÿß\0\0\12\0\0\0\fà\0\0\11\0\0\0\1fà\0\0\11\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\a\0\0\0\0\00\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\90à\0\0 \0\0\0\9dà\0\0\ 6\0\0\0§à\0\0\f\0\0\0®à\0\0\ 6\0\0\0»à\0\0 \0\0\0Âà\0\0V\0\0\0Ìà\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\f\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\17\0\0\0\0\0 \0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\85á\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\8cá\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\93á\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\9aá\0\0\ 6\0\0\0¡á\0\0F\0\0\0¨á\0\0\ 6\0\0\0ïá\0\0\11\0\0\0öá\0\0\ f\0\0\0\bâ\0\0\ 3\0\0\0\18â\0\01\0\0\0\1câ\0\03\0\0\0\0\0\1c\0\0\0\82â\0\0&\0\0\0\9fâ\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Æâ\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Íâ\0\0 \0\0\0Ôâ\0\0 \0\0\0Þâ\0\0 \0\0\0èâ\0\08\0\0\0òâ\0\0L\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\7fã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\86ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\8dã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\94ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0\9bã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0¢ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0©ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0°ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0·ã\0\0 \0\0\0¾ã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Èã\0\0\ 3\0\0\0Ïã\0\0\ 6\0\0\0Óã\0\0(\0\0\0Úã\0\0\0
22 There has been a collision. Another user updated this node
23 while you were editing. Please <a href='${context}'>reload</a>
24 the node and review your edits.
26 If you wish to modify the database schema,
27 you should also edit the schema file:
28 %(database_config_file)s
29 You may also change the database initialisation file:
30 %(database_init_file)s
31 ... see the documentation on customizing for more information.
33 You should now edit the tracker configuration file:
34 %(config_file)s\0
35<li>While evaluating the %(info)r expression on line %(line)d
36<table class="otherinfo" style="font-size: 90%%">
37 <tr><th colspan="2" class="header">Current variables:</th></tr>
38 %(globals)s
39 %(locals)s
42All commands (except help) require a tracker specifier. This is just
43the path to the roundup tracker you're working with. A roundup tracker
44is where roundup keeps the database and configuration file that defines
45an issue tracker. It may be thought of as the issue tracker's "home
46directory". It may be specified in the environment variable TRACKER_HOME
47or on the command line as "-i tracker".
49A designator is a classname and a nodeid concatenated, eg. bug1, user10, ...
51Property values are represented as strings in command arguments and in the
52printed results:
53 . Strings are, well, strings.
54 . Date values are printed in the full date format in the local time zone,
55 and accepted in the full format or any of the partial formats explained
56 below.
57 . Link values are printed as node designators. When given as an argument,
58 node designators and key strings are both accepted.
59 . Multilink values are printed as lists of node designators joined
60 by commas. When given as an argument, node designators and key
61 strings are both accepted; an empty string, a single node, or a list
62 of nodes joined by commas is accepted.
64When property values must contain spaces, just surround the value with
65quotes, either ' or ". A single space may also be backslash-quoted. If a
66value must contain a quote character, it must be backslash-quoted or inside
67quotes. Examples:
68 hello world (2 tokens: hello, world)
69 "hello world" (1 token: hello world)
70 "Roch'e" Compaan (2 tokens: Roch'e Compaan)
71 Roch\'e Compaan (2 tokens: Roch'e Compaan)
72 address="1 2 3" (1 token: address=1 2 3)
73 \\ (1 token: \)
74 \n\r\t (1 token: a newline, carriage-return and tab)
76When multiple nodes are specified to the roundup get or roundup set
77commands, the specified properties are retrieved or set on all the listed
80When multiple results are returned by the roundup get or roundup find
81commands, they are printed one per line (default) or joined by commas (with
82the -c) option.
84Where the command changes data, a login name/password is required. The
85login may be specified as either "name" or "name:password".
86 . ROUNDUP_LOGIN environment variable
87 . the -u command-line option
88If either the name or password is not supplied, they are obtained from the
91Date format examples:
92 "2000-04-17.03:45" means <Date 2000-04-17.08:45:00>
93 "2000-04-17" means <Date 2000-04-17.00:00:00>
94 "01-25" means <Date yyyy-01-25.00:00:00>
95 "08-13.22:13" means <Date yyyy-08-14.03:13:00>
96 "11-07.09:32:43" means <Date yyyy-11-07.14:32:43>
97 "14:25" means <Date yyyy-mm-dd.19:25:00>
98 "8:47:11" means <Date yyyy-mm-dd.13:47:11>
99 "." means "right now"
101Command help:
102\0 Confirm: \0 %(propname)s (Again): \0 %(description)s (%(name)s for "%(klass)s" only)\0 -c <Command> Windows Service options.
103 If you want to run the server as a Windows Service, you
104 must configure the rest of the options by changing the
105 constants of this program. You will at least configure
106 one tracker in the TRACKER_HOMES variable. This option
107 is mutually exclusive from the rest. Typing
108 "roundup-server -c help" shows Windows Services
109 specifics.\0 -u <UID> runs the Roundup web server as this UID
110 -g <GID> runs the Roundup web server as this GID
111 -d <PIDfile> run the server in the background and write the server's PID
112 to the file indicated by PIDfile. The -l option *must* be
113 specified if -d is used.\0 ... at a minimum, you must set following options:\0 Apply \0 Cancel \0"%(input)s" is not an ID (%(classname)s ID required)\0"%(spec)s" not name:width\0"Your Queries" Editing\0"Your Queries" Editing - ${tracker}\0${class} Edit Collision\0${class} Edit Collision - ${tracker}\0${class} editing\0${class} editing - ${tracker}\0${property} help - ${tracker}\0${start}..${end} out of ${total}\0%(class)s %(id)s %(properties)s edited ok\0%(class)s %(id)s - nothing changed\0%(class)s %(id)s created\0%(class)s %(property)s is not a link or multilink property\0%(classname)s %(itemid)s has been retired\0%(classname)s has no property "%(propname)s"\0%(key)s: %(value)s (key property)\0%(message)sUsage: roundup-admin [options] [<command> <arguments>]
116 -i instance home -- specify the issue tracker "home directory" to administer
117 -u -- the user[:password] to use for commands
118 -d -- print full designators not just class id numbers
119 -c -- when outputting lists of data, comma-separate them.
120 Same as '-S ","'.
121 -S <string> -- when outputting lists of data, string-separate them
122 -s -- when outputting lists of data, space-separate them.
123 Same as '-S " "'.
125 Only one of -s, -c or -S can be specified.
128 roundup-admin -h
129 roundup-admin help -- this help
130 roundup-admin help <command> -- command-specific help
131 roundup-admin help all -- all available help
132\0%(message)sUsage: roundup-server [options] [name=tracker home]*
135 -v prints the Roundup version number and exits
136 -C <fname> use configuration file
137 -n <name> sets the host name of the Roundup web server instance
138 -p <port> sets the port to listen on (default: %(port)s)
139 -l <fname> log to the file indicated by fname instead of stderr/stdout
140 -N log client machine names instead of IP addresses (much slower)
144 roundup-server -C /opt/roundup/etc/roundup-server.ini
146 roundup-server support=/var/spool/roundup-trackers/support
148 roundup-server -d /var/run/ -l /var/log/roundup.log \
149 support=/var/spool/roundup-trackers/support
151Configuration file format:
152 See the "admin_guide" in the Roundup "doc" directory.
154How to use "name=tracker home":
155 These arguments set the tracker home(s) to use. The name is how the
156 tracker is identified in the URL (it's the first part of the URL path).
157 The tracker home is the directory that was identified when you did
158 "roundup-admin init". You may specify any number of these name=home
159 pairs on the command-line. Make sure the name part doesn't include
160 any url-unsafe characters like spaces, as these confuse IE.
161\0%(number)s day\0%(number)s hour\0%(number)s minute\0%(number)s month\0%(number)s week\0%(number)s year\0%(number)s/4 hour\0%(propname)s (Password): \0%r not a date spec (%s)\0%s ago\0%s: (no value)\0&lt;&lt; previous\0&lt;file is None - probably inside <tt>eval</tt> or <tt>exec</tt>&gt;\0(list)\0(this is a numeric hour offset, the default is ${zone})\0(to give the user more than one role, enter a comma,separated,list)\0*: The "all text" field will look in message bodies and issue titles<br> **: If you supply a name, the query will be saved off and available as a link in the sidebar\0*encrypted*\0- nothing -\01 %(number)s/4 hours\01 1/2 hours\01 minute\01/2 an hour\0<b>Your Queries</b> (<a href="query?@template=edit">edit</a>)\0<em>The indicated property no longer exists</em>\0<em>undefined</em>\0<h1>Templating Error</h1>
162<p><b>%(exc_type)s</b>: %(exc_value)s</p>
163<p class="help">Debugging information follows</p>\0<html><head><title>Roundup trackers index</title></head>
164<body><h1>Roundup trackers index</h1><ol>
165\0<li>In %s</li>\0<li>Looking for "%(name)s", current path:<ol>%(path)s</ol></li>\0<option %svalue="-1">- no selection -</option>\0<p class="form-help"> You may edit the contents of the ${classname} class using this form. Commas, newlines and double quotes (") must be handled delicately. You may include commas and newlines by enclosing the values in double-quotes ("). Double quotes themselves must be quoted by doubling (""). </p> <p class="form-help"> Multilink properties have their multiple values colon (":") separated (... ,"one:two:three", ...) </p> <p class="form-help"> Remove entries by deleting their line. Add new entries by appending them to the table - put an X in the id column. </p>\0<p>A problem occurred while running a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, with the most recent (innermost) call first. The exception attributes are:\0<strike>The linked node no longer exists</strike>\0<strong><em>This event is not handled by the history display!</em></strong>\0<table class="form"> <tr> <td>Note:&nbsp;</td> <th class="required">highlighted</th> <td>&nbsp;fields are required.</td> </tr> </table>\0<th>Action</th>\0<th>Args</th>\0<th>Date</th>\0<th>User</th>\0<tr><td colspan=4><strong>Note:</strong></td></tr>\0A confirmation email will be sent to you - please follow the instructions within it to complete the reset process.\0A problem occurred in your template "%s".\0Activity\0Activity:\0Actor\0Actor:\0Add User\0Admin Password: \0Administration\0All text*:\0Alternate E-mail addresses<br>One address per line\0Anonymous users are not allowed to use the web interface\0Assigned To\0Assigned to:\0Assigned&nbsp;To\0Author\0Author: ${author}\0Back ends:\0Can't change groups - no grp module\0Can't change users - no pwd module\0Can't run as root!\0Change Note\0Class List\0Commands may be abbreviated as long as the abbreviation
166matches only one command, e.g. l == li == lis == list.\0Commands:\0Configuration saved to %s\0Confirm Password\0Content\0Content Type\0Create New\0Created on <b>${creation}</b> by <b>${creator}</b>, last changed <b>${activity}</b> by <b>${actor}</b>.\0Creation\0Creation Date:\0Creator\0Creator:\0Date\0Date: ${date}\0Delete\0Descending:\0Display\0Download\0Download as CSV\0E-mail address\0Edit\0Edit Error: %s\0Edit Existing\0Edit Items\0Email Address:\0Email address\0Email sent to %s\0Enter directory path to create demo tracker [%s]: \0Enter tracker home: \0Error: %(message)s\0Error: %s\0Error: %s: %s\0Error: Couldn't open tracker: %(message)s\0Error: The source must be either "mailbox", "pop", "apop", "imap" or "imaps"\0Error: apop specification not valid\0Error: not enough source specification information\0Error: pop specification not valid\0Existing Keywords\0File\0File display\0File display - ${tracker}\0File is empty\0File name\0Files\0Filter on\0Form Error: \0Full traceback:\0Group %(group)s doesn't exist\0Group Descending:\0Group on\0Group on:\0Hello, ${user}\0Hello,<br>${user}\0Help\0History\0Include in "Your Queries"\0Instance has not been installed\0Instance home does not exist\0Instance home parent directory "%(parent)s" does not exist\0Instances must be name=home\0Invalid One Time Key!
167(a Mozilla bug may cause this message to show up erroneously, please check your email)\0Invalid format\0Invalid login\0Issue ${id}: ${title} - ${tracker}\0Issue searching\0Issue searching - ${tracker}\0Issue${id}\0Issue${id} Editing\0Issues\0It is not permitted to supply roles at registration.\0Items edited OK\0Ivalid login\0Keyword\0Keyword editing\0Keyword editing - ${tracker}\0Keywords\0List of classes\0List of classes - ${tracker}\0List of files\0List of files - ${tracker}\0List of issues\0List of issues - ${tracker}\0List of messages - ${tracker}\0Login\0Login Name\0Login Password\0Logout\0Lost&nbsp;your&nbsp;login?\0Message ${id} - ${tracker}\0Message listing\0Message${id}\0Message${id} Editing\0Messages\0Multiple commands match "%(command)s": %(list)s\0Name\0New Email users get the Role "%(role)s"\0New Email users get the Roles "%(role)s"\0New Issue\0New Issue - ${tracker}\0New Issue Editing\0New Message\0New Message - ${tracker}\0New Message Editing\0New User\0New User - ${tracker}\0New User Editing\0New Web users get the Role "%(role)s"\0New Web users get the Roles "%(role)s"\0New node - no history\0No\0No ID entered\0No such Role "%(role)s"\0No type specified\0Nosy List\0Not a date spec: %s\0Not an interval spec: [+-] [#y] [#m] [#w] [#d] [[[H]H:MM]:SS]\0Not an interval spec: [+-] [#y] [#m] [#w] [#d] [[[H]H:MM]:SS] [date spec]\0Not enough arguments supplied\0Not enough values on line %(line)s\0Note: command history and editing not available\0Or, if you know your username, then enter it below.\0Organisation\0Pagesize:\0Password and confirmation text do not match\0Password reset and email sent to %s\0Password reset request\0Password reset request - ${tracker}\0Phone\0Phone number\0Please log in or register.\0Please select from one of the menu options on the left.\0Priority\0Priority:\0Private to you?\0Problem: %(message)s
169\0Query\0Query name**:\0Real name\0Recipients\0Redisplay\0Register\0Registering with ${tracker}\0Registration in progress - ${tracker}\0Registration in progress...\0Remove\0Request password reset\0Required %(class)s property %(property)s not supplied\0Retire\0Role "%(name)s":\0Roles\0Roundup %s ready for input.
170Type "help" for help.\0Roundup docs\0Roundup server started on %(HOST)s:%(PORT)s\0Save Selection\0Search\0Select backend [anydbm]: \0Select template [classic]: \0Show All\0Show Unassigned\0Show issue:\0Sorry, no help for "%(topic)s"\0Sorry, try again...\0Sorry, you can't run the server as a daemon on this Operating System\0Sort Descending:\0Sort on\0Sort on:\0Start With:\0Status\0Status:\0Submit Changes\0Submit New Entry\0Superseder\0Templates:\0The linked class %(classname)s no longer exists\0There are unsaved changes. Commit them (y/N)? \0Timezone\0Title\0Title:\0To create a new keyword, enter it below and click "Submit New Entry".\0To edit an existing keyword (for spelling or typing errors), click on its entry above.\0Too many arguments supplied\0Topic\0Topic:\0Topics\0Tracker home\0Tracker home - ${tracker}\0Type\0Unable to bind to port %s, port already in use.\0Unknown command "%(command)s" ("help commands" for a list)\0Unknown email address\0Unknown username\0Unrecognized charset: %r\0Uploaded\0Uploaded By\0Usage: %(program)s [-v] [-c] [[-C class] -S field=value]* <instance home> [method]
173 -v: print version and exit
174 -c: default class of item to create (else the tracker's MAIL_DEFAULT_CLASS)
175 -C / -S: see below
177The roundup mail gateway may be called in one of four ways:
178 . with an instance home as the only argument,
179 . with both an instance home and a mail spool file,
180 . with both an instance home and a POP/APOP server account, or
181 . with both an instance home and a IMAP/IMAPS server account.
183It also supports optional -C and -S arguments that allows you to set a
184fields for a class created by the roundup-mailgw. The default class if
185not specified is msg, but the other classes: issue, file, user can
186also be used. The -S or --set options uses the same
187property=value[;property=value] notation accepted by the command line
188roundup command or the commands that can be given on the Subject line
189of an email message.
191It can let you set the type of the message on a per email address basis.
194 In the first case, the mail gateway reads a single message from the
195 standard input and submits the message to the roundup.mailgw module.
197UNIX mailbox:
198 In the second case, the gateway reads all messages from the mail spool
199 file and submits each in turn to the roundup.mailgw module. The file is
200 emptied once all messages have been successfully handled. The file is
201 specified as:
202 mailbox /path/to/mailbox
205 In the third case, the gateway reads all messages from the POP server
206 specified and submits each in turn to the roundup.mailgw module. The
207 server is specified as:
208 pop username:password@server
209 The username and password may be omitted:
210 pop username@server
211 pop server
212 are both valid. The username and/or password will be prompted for if
213 not supplied on the command-line.
216 Same as POP, but using Authenticated POP:
217 apop username:password@server
220 Connect to an IMAP server. This supports the same notation as that of
221 POP mail.
222 imap username:password@server
223 It also allows you to specify a specific mailbox other than INBOX using
224 this format:
225 imap username:password@server mailbox
228 Connect to an IMAP server over ssl.
229 This supports the same notation as IMAP.
230 imaps username:password@server [mailbox]
232\0Usage: commit
233 Commit changes made to the database during an interactive session.
235 The changes made during an interactive session are not
236 automatically written to the database - they must be committed
237 using this command.
239 One-off commands on the command-line are automatically committed if
240 they are successful.
241 \0Usage: create classname property=value ...
242 Create a new entry of a given class.
244 This creates a new entry of the given class using the property
245 name=value arguments provided on the command line after the "create"
246 command.
247 \0Usage: display designator[,designator]*
248 Show the property values for the given node(s).
250 This lists the properties and their associated values for the given
251 node.
252 \0Usage: export [class[,class]] export_dir
253 Export the database to colon-separated-value files.
255 Optionally limit the export to just the names classes.
257 This action exports the current data from the database into
258 colon-separated-value files that are placed in the nominated
259 destination directory.
260 \0Usage: find classname propname=value ...
261 Find the nodes of the given class with a given link property value.
263 Find the nodes of the given class with a given link property value.
264 The value may be either the nodeid of the linked node, or its key
265 value.
266 \0Usage: get property designator[,designator]*
267 Get the given property of one or more designator(s).
269 Retrieves the property value of the nodes specified
270 by the designators.
271 \0Usage: help topic
272 Give help about topic.
274 commands -- list commands
275 <command> -- help specific to a command
276 initopts -- init command options
277 all -- all available help
278 \0Usage: history designator
279 Show the history entries of a designator.
281 Lists the journal entries for the node identified by the designator.
282 \0Usage: import import_dir
283 Import a database from the directory containing CSV files,
284 two per class to import.
286 The files used in the import are:
288 <class>.csv
289 This must define the same properties as the class (including
290 having a "header" line with those property names.)
291 <class>-journals.csv
292 This defines the journals for the items being imported.
294 The imported nodes will have the same nodeid as defined in the
295 import file, thus replacing any existing content.
297 The new nodes are added to the existing database - if you want to
298 create a new database using the imported data, then create a new
299 database (or, tediously, retire all the old data.)
300 \0Usage: initialise [adminpw]
301 Initialise a new Roundup tracker.
303 The administrator details will be set at this step.
305 Execute the tracker's initialisation function dbinit.init()
306 \0Usage: install [template [backend [admin password]]]
307 Install a new Roundup tracker.
309 The command will prompt for the tracker home directory
310 (if not supplied through TRACKER_HOME or the -i option).
311 The template, backend and admin password may be specified
312 on the command-line as arguments, in that order.
314 The initialise command must be called after this command in order
315 to initialise the tracker's database. You may edit the tracker's
316 initial database contents before running that command by editing
317 the tracker's module init() function.
319 See also initopts help.
320 \0Usage: list classname [property]
321 List the instances of a class.
323 Lists all instances of the given class. If the property is not
324 specified, the "label" property is used. The label property is
325 tried in order: the key, "name", "title" and then the first
326 property, alphabetically.
328 With -c, -S or -s print a list of item id's if no property
329 specified. If property specified, print list of that property
330 for every class instance.
331 \0Usage: pack period | date
333 Remove journal entries older than a period of time specified or
334 before a certain date.
336 A period is specified using the suffixes "y", "m", and "d". The
337 suffix "w" (for "week") means 7 days.
339 "3y" means three years
340 "2y 1m" means two years and one month
341 "1m 25d" means one month and 25 days
342 "2w 3d" means two weeks and three days
344 Date format is "YYYY-MM-DD" eg:
345 2001-01-01
347 \0Usage: reindex [classname|designator]*
348 Re-generate a tracker's search indexes.
350 This will re-generate the search indexes for a tracker.
351 This will typically happen automatically.
352 \0Usage: restore designator[,designator]*
353 Restore the retired node specified by designator.
355 The given nodes will become available for users again.
356 \0Usage: retire designator[,designator]*
357 Retire the node specified by designator.
359 This action indicates that a particular node is not to be retrieved
360 by the list or find commands, and its key value may be re-used.
361 \0Usage: rollback
362 Undo all changes that are pending commit to the database.
364 The changes made during an interactive session are not
365 automatically written to the database - they must be committed
366 manually. This command undoes all those changes, so a commit
367 immediately after would make no changes to the database.
368 \0Usage: security [Role name]
369 Display the Permissions available to one or all Roles.
370 \0Usage: set items property=value property=value ...
371 Set the given properties of one or more items(s).
373 The items are specified as a class or as a comma-separated
374 list of item designators (ie "designator[,designator,...]").
376 This command sets the properties to the values for all designators
377 given. If the value is missing (ie. "property=") then the property
378 is un-set. If the property is a multilink, you specify the linked
379 ids for the multilink as comma-separated numbers (ie "1,2,3").
380 \0Usage: specification classname
381 Show the properties for a classname.
383 This lists the properties for a given class.
384 \0Usage: table classname [property[,property]*]
385 List the instances of a class in tabular form.
387 Lists all instances of the given class. If the properties are not
388 specified, all properties are displayed. By default, the column
389 widths are the width of the largest value. The width may be
390 explicitly defined by defining the property as "name:width".
391 For example::
393 roundup> table priority id,name:10
394 Id Name
395 1 fatal-bug
396 2 bug
397 3 usability
398 4 feature
400 Also to make the width of the column the width of the label,
401 leave a trailing : without a width on the property. For example::
403 roundup> table priority id,name:
404 Id Name
405 1 fata
406 2 bug
407 3 usab
408 4 feat
410 will result in a the 4 character wide "Name" column.
411 \0User ${id}: ${title} - ${tracker}\0User %(user)s doesn't exist\0User List\0User editing - ${tracker}\0User listing\0User listing - ${tracker}\0User${id}\0User${id} Editing\0Username\0Username required\0Username:\0View: ${link}\0WARNING: The database is already initialised!
412If you re-initialise it, you will lose all the data!
413Erase it? Y/N: \0WARNING: There appears to be a tracker in "%(tracker_home)s"!
414If you re-install it, you will lose all the data!
415Erase it? Y/N: \0WARNING: ignoring "-g" argument, not root\0WARNING: ignoring "-u" argument, not root\0Yes\0You are logged out\0You are not allowed to %(action)s items of class %(class)s\0You are not allowed to edit queries.\0You are not allowed to view this page.\0You are now registered, welcome!\0You do not have permission to %(action)s the %(classname)s class.\0You do not have permission to create %(class)s\0You do not have permission to edit %(class)s\0You do not have permission to edit user roles\0You do not have permission to login\0You have submitted a %(action)s action for the property "%(property)s" which doesn't exist\0You have submitted more than one value for the %s property\0You have two options if you have forgotten your password. If you know the email address you registered with, enter it below.\0You may not retire the admin or anonymous user\0You need to specify a username or address\0You will shortly receive an email to confirm your registration. To complete the registration process, visit the link indicated in the email.\0Your Details\0Your Issues\0[not yours to edit]\0[query is retired]\0activity\0actor\0an hour\0argument "%(arg)s" not propname=value\0assigned to me\0assignedto\0create\0created by me\0creation\0creator\0default value for DateHTMLProperty must be either DateHTMLProperty or string date representation.\0don't care\0done by me\0download\0edit\0exit...\0files\0in %s\0in <strong>%s</strong>\0in a moment\0include\0just now\0leave in\0leave out\0link\0link "%(key)s" value "%(value)s" not a designator\0messages\0msg${id} (view)\0next &gt;&gt;\0no\0no such %(classname)s node "%(nodeid)s"\0no such %(classname)s property "%(propname)s"\0no such class "%(classname)s"\0no such item "%(designator)s"\0no value\0nosy\0not resolved\0not selected\0priority\0property "%(propname)s": "%(value)s" not currently in list\0property %s is not of type Multilink or Link so -d flag does not apply.\0remove\0restored\0retire\0retired\0set\0status\0superseder\0title\0tomorrow\0topic\0unassigned\0unlink\0yes\0yesterday\0you must provide the "%(propname)s" property.\0Project-Id-Version: 0.8.3
417POT-Creation-Date: 2004-10-19 12:33+0300
418PO-Revision-Date: 2005-05-15 17:40+0800
419Last-Translator: Fred Lin <gasolin@gmail>
420Language-Team: Chinese Traditional <>
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423Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
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425X-Poedit-Language: Chinese
426X-Poedit-Country: TAIWAN
428 存在衝突。另一個用戶在你編輯時更新了此條記錄。
429 請 <a href='${context}'>重新載入</a> 記錄查看你的編輯。
431 如果你想要修改數據庫結構,
432 你也需要編輯表結構文件:
433 %(database_config_file)s
434 你可能也需要修改數據庫初始化文件:
435 %(database_init_file)s
436 ... 查看關於客戶化的文檔來瞭解更多的信息。
438 現在你應該修改tracker的配置文件:
439 %(config_file)s\0
440<li>在 %(line)d 行計算 %(info)r 表達式
441<table class="otherinfo" style="font-size: 90%%">
442 <tr><th colspan="2" class="header">當前變量:</th></tr>
443 %(globals)s
444 %(locals)s
447所有的命令(除了 help)要求指定一個tracker。這就是你正在工作的tracker的路徑。
449象為問題跟蹤系統的"起始"目錄。它可以在環境變量 TRACKER_HOME 或在命令行以
450"-i tracker" 來指定。
452一個指示器(designator)是一個類名和一個結點id的結合體,如:bug1, user10, ...
455 . Strings 表示字符串。
456 . Date 的值在本地時區中按全日期格式列印,並且可以按全日期格式或下面解釋的任
457 何部分日期格式來接收。
458 . Link 的值按結點指示器(designator)來列印。當作為參數給出時,結點指示器
459 (designator)和鍵字符串都可以接收。
460 . Multilink 的值按結點指示器(designator)列表(以逗號分隔)來列印。當作為一個參
461 數給出時,結點指示器(designator)或以逗號聯接的結點列表都是可以接受的。
463當屬性值必須包含空格時,只需使用 ' 或者 " 來包含值。單個空格也可以用反斜線來
465 hello world (2 tokens: hello, world)
466 "hello world" (1 token: hello world)
467 "Roch'e" Compaan (2 tokens: Roch'e Compaan)
468 Roch\'e Compaan (2 tokens: Roch'e Compaan)
469 address="1 2 3" (1 token: address=1 2 3)
470 \\ (1 token: \)
471 \n\r\t (1 token: a newline, carriage-return and tab)
473當多個結點被指定用在 Roundup 的 get 或 set 命令時,指定的屬性在所有列出
476當 Roundup 的 get 或 find 命令返回多個結果時,每行將列印一個屬性(預設)或
477用逗號聯接起來(用 -c 參數)。
479在存在修改數據的命令中,需要登錄名/口令。登錄名或者用 "name" 或 "name:password"
481 . ROUNDUP_LOGIN 環境變量
482 . -u 命令行選項
485Date format examples:
486 "2000-04-17.03:45" 表示 <Date 2000-04-17.08:45:00>
487 "2000-04-17" 表示 <Date 2000-04-17.00:00:00>
488 "01-25" 表示 <Date yyyy-01-25.00:00:00>
489 "08-13.22:13" 表示 <Date yyyy-08-14.03:13:00>
490 "11-07.09:32:43" 表示 <Date yyyy-11-07.14:32:43>
491 "14:25" 表示 <Date yyyy-mm-dd.19:25:00>
492 "8:47:11" 表示 <Date yyyy-mm-dd.13:47:11>
493 "." 表示 "現在"
496\0 確認:\0 %(propname)s (再次):\0 %(description)s (%(name)s 僅用於 "%(klass)s")\0 -c <Command> Windows 服務選項。
497 如果你想把server作為一個Windows服務來運行,你必須通過修改
498 這個程序的常量來配置此選項的其它內容。你至少需要在 TRACKER_HOMES
499 變量上配置一個tracker。這個選項與其經選項是互斥的。打入
500 "roundup-server -c help" 來瞭解Windows服務的規範。\0 -u <UID> 以這個 UID 來運行 Roundup web 服務器
501 -g <GID> 以這個 GID 來運行 Roundup web 服務器
502 -d <PIDfile> 在後台運行服務器,並且將服務器的 PID 寫入指定的 PIDFile 中去。
503 如果使用了 -d 選項,則 -l 選項 *必須* 要指定。\0 ... 至少,你必須設置以下選項:\0應用\0取消\0"%(input)s" 不是一個 ID (要求 %(classname)s ID)\0"%(spec)s" 不是 名字:寬度\0"我的查詢"修改\0"我的查詢" 修改 - ${tracker}\0${class} 編輯衝突\0${class} 編輯衝突 - ${tracker}\0${class} 編輯\0${class} 編輯 - ${tracker}\0${property} 說明 - ${tracker}\0${start}..${end} 全部 ${total}\0%(class)s %(id)s %(properties)s 編輯成功\0%(class)s %(id)s - 沒有改動\0%(class)s %(id)s 被建立\0%(class)s %(property)s 不是一個 Link 或 MultiLink 屬性\0%(classname)s %(itemid)s 已經被回收了\0%(classname)s 沒有 "%(propname)s" 屬性\0%(key)s: %(value)s (關鍵屬性)\0%(message)s用法: roundup-admin [options] [<command> <arguments>]
506 -i 實例路徑 -- 指定問題跟蹤系統 "根目錄" 為 管理員
507 -u -- user[:password] 用於命令中
508 -d --列印所有的指示信息而不只是類的ID號
509 -c -- 在輸出數據列表時,使用句號('.')分隔。
510 如同執行 '-S ","'。
511 -S <string> -- 當輸出數據列表時,使用 string 分隔
512 -s -- 當輸出數據列表時,使用空格分隔。
513 如同執行 '-S " "'。
515 -s, -c 或者 -S 只能有一個被指定。
518 roundup-admin -h
519 roundup-admin help -- 本說明
520 roundup-admin help <command> -- 命令詳解說明
521 roundup-admin help all -- 所有可用的說明
522\0%(message)s用法:roundup-server [options] [name=tracker home]*
525 -v 列印 Roundup 的版本號並且退出
526 -C <fname> 使用配置文件
527 -n <name> 設置 Roundup web 服務器實例的主機名
528 -p <port> 設置監聽端口(預設:%(port)s)
529 -l <fname> 將日誌輸出到由 fname 指定的文件中去,而不是 標準錯誤/標準輸出
530 -N 將客戶端機器的名字而不是IP地址記錄到日誌中去(可能會慢點)
534 roundup-server -C /opt/roundup/etc/roundup-server.ini
536 roundup-server support=/var/spool/roundup-trackers/support
538 roundup-server -d /var/run/ -l /var/log/roundup.log \
539 support=/var/spool/roundup-trackers/support
542 查閱在Roundup "doc" 目錄下的 "admin_guide" 。
544如何使用 "name=tracker home":
545 這些參數用來設置要使用的tracker的起始目錄。name 會在URL中用來
546 定位tracker(它是 URL 路徑的第一部分)。tracker home 是在你執行
547 "roundup-admin init" 時所指定的目錄。你可以在命令行上指定任
548 意數量的 name=home 對。要確保 name 部分不能包括任何非url安全的
549 字符,像空格,因為它們會把IE搞亂。
550\0%(number)s天\0%(number)s小時\0%(number)s分鐘\0%(number)s月\0%(number)s周\0%(number)s年\0%(number)s/4 小時\0%(propname)s (口令):\0%r 不是日期格式 (%s)\0%s 之前\0%s: (無值)\0&lt;&lt; 向上\0&lt;文件為 None - 可能在 <tt>eval</tt> 或者 <tt>exec</tt>&gt;\0(列表)\0(這是數字的小時偏移量,預設值是 ${zone})\0(為給用戶指定多個角色,用逗號分隔它們)\0*: 在信息體和問題標題上的 "所有的文本" 字段都將被查找<br> **: 如果你提供了一個名字,這個查詢將被保存並且作為一個鏈接出現在側邊欄上\0*加密的*\0- 無 -\01 %(number)s/4 小時\01個半小時\01分鐘\0半小時\0<b>我的查詢</b> (<a href="query?@template=edit">編輯</a>)\0<em>指示的屬性不再存在</em>\0<em>未定義</em>\0<h1>模板錯誤</h1>
551<p><b>%(exc_type)s</b>: %(exc_value)s</p>
552<p class="help">調試信息為</p>\0<html><head><title>Roundup tracker 索引</title></head>
553<body><h1>Roundup tracker 索引</h1><ol>
554\0<li>在 %s</li>\0<li>查找 "%(name)s", 當前路徑:<ol>%(path)s</ol></li>\0<option %svalue="-1">- 未選擇 -</option>\0<p class="form-help"> 你可以使用這個表格來編輯 ${classname} 類別。 逗號,換行和雙引號(")必須被小心處理。你可以在雙引號(")中包含逗號和換行。雙引號本身必須被兩個("")所包括。</p> <p class="form-help"> Multilink 屬性有多個值,這些值用冒號(":")分隔(...,"一:二:三",...) </p> <p class="form-help"> 通過刪除它們所在的行來刪除項。追加一條新記錄到表中 - 在 id 列置上一個 X 。</p>\0<p>在運行 Python 腳本時發生了一個錯誤。這是導致出錯的一系列的函數調用,最近的(最裡層的)調用在前。異常屬性是:\0<strike>鏈接的結點不再存在</strike>\0<strong><em>這個事件不能被歷史顯示所處理!</em></strong>\0<table class="form"> <tr> <td>注意:&nbsp;</td> <th class="required">高亮</th> <td>&nbsp;字段是必須的。</td> </tr> </table>\0<th>動作</th>\0<th>參數</th>\0<th>日期</th>\0<th>用戶</th>\0<tr><td colspan=4><strong>注意:</strong></td></tr>\0將發給你一封確認信 - 請按照其中的指令來完成重置處理。\0在你的模板 "%s" 中發生一個問題。\0活躍度\0活躍度:\0執行者\0執行人:\0增加用戶\0管理員口令:\0管理\0所有文本*\0修改郵件地址<br>每行一個地址\0匿名用戶不允許使用web界面\0分配給\0分配給:\0分配給\0作者\0作者:${author}\0後端:\0不能修改組 - 無 grp 模塊\0不能修改用戶 - 無 pwd 模塊\0不能以 root 運行!\0修改記錄\0類別列表\0命令可以被縮寫,只要縮寫只有一個命令可以匹配上,
555如:l == li == lis == list.\0命令:\0配置保存到 %s\0口令確認\0內容\0內容類型\0新建\0在 <b>${creation}</b> 由 <b>${creator}</b> 建立,最後由 <b>${actor}</b> 修改為 <b>${activity}</b>。\0建立時間\0建立時間:\0建立者\0建立者:\0日期\0日期:${date}\0刪除\0降序:\0顯示\0下載\0以CSV格式下載\0郵件地址\0編輯\0編輯錯誤:%s\0編輯已經存在的\0編輯項目\0郵件地址:\0郵件地址\0郵件發給 %s\0輸入目錄來建立演示tracker [%s]:\0輸入tracker起始目錄:\0錯誤:%(message)s\0錯誤:%s\0錯誤:%s: %s\0錯誤:不能打開tracker:%(message)s\0錯誤:源必須是 "mailbox", "pop", "apop", "imap" 或者 "imaps" 之一\0錯誤:apop協議無效\0錯誤:沒有足夠的源協議資訊\0錯誤:pop協議無效\0存在的關鍵字\0文件\0文件顯示\0文件顯示 - ${tracker}\0文件為空\0文件名\0文件\0過濾按\0表格錯誤:\0完整跟蹤信息:\0組 %(group)s 不存在\0降序分組:\0分組按\0分組:\0追蹤,${user}\0你好,<br>${user}\0說明\0歷史\0包括在"我的查詢"中\0實例還沒有安裝\0實例目錄不存在\0實例目錄的父目錄 "%(parent)s" 不存在\0實例必須是 實例名=實例路徑\0Invalid One Time Key!
556(一個 Mozilla 的錯誤可能會錯誤地引發這個消息,你檢查你的郵件)\0無效的格式\0無效登錄\0問題 ${id}: ${title} - ${tracker}\0問題搜索\0問題搜索 - ${tracker}\0問題 [${id}]\0問題 [${id}] 編輯\0問題\0不允許在註冊時指供角色。\0項目編輯成功\0無效登錄\0關鍵字\0關鍵字編輯\0關鍵字編輯 - ${tracker}\0關鍵字\0類別列表\0類別列表 - ${tracker}\0文件列表\0文件列表 - ${tracker}\0問題列表\0問題列表 - ${tracker}\0信息列表 - ${tracker}\0登錄\0登錄名\0登錄口令\0註銷\0忘記你的登入口令了?\0信息 [${id}] - ${tracker}\0信息列表\0信息 [${id}]\0信息 [${id}] 編輯\0信息\0多命令匹配 "%(command)s": %(list)s\0姓名\0新郵件用戶得到角色 "%(role)s"\0新郵件用戶得到角色 "%(role)s"\0新問題\0新問題 - ${tracker}\0新問題編輯\0新信息\0新信息 - ${tracker}\0新信息編輯\0新用戶\0新用戶 - ${tracker}\0新用戶編輯\0新Web用戶得到角色 "%(role)s"\0新Web用戶得到角色 "%(role)s"\0新記錄 - 無歷史\0\0沒有輸入ID\0沒有這樣的角色 "%(role)s"\0沒有指定類型\0雜事列表\0不是日期格式:%s\0不是時間間隔規範:[+-] [#y] [#m] [#w] [#d] [[[H]H:MM]:SS]\0不是時間間隔規範:[+-] [#y] [#m] [#w] [#d] [[[H]H:MM]:SS] [日期規範]\0未提供足夠的參數\0在 %(line)s 行沒有足夠的值\0注意:命令歷史和編輯無效\0或者,如果你知道你的用戶名,則在下面輸入它。\0組織\0頁大小:\0口令和確認文本不匹配\0口令被重設,郵件被發給 %s\0口令重設請求\0口令重設請求 - ${tracker}\0電話\0電話號碼\0請登錄或註冊。\0請在左側的菜單選項中選擇一項\0優先級\0優先級:\0是私人信息嗎?\0問題: %(message)s
558\0查詢\0查詢 名字**\0真實姓名\0收信人\0刷新\0註冊\0用 ${tracker} 註冊\0註冊正在處理 - ${tracker}\0正在註冊中...\0刪除\0請求口令重設\0要求的 %(class)s 屬性 %(property)s 沒有被提供\0收回\0角色 "%(name)s":\0角色\0Roundup %s 輸入就緒。
559敲入 "help" 獲得說明。\0Roundup文檔\0Roundup server 啟動於 %(HOST)s:%(PORT)s\0保存選擇\0搜索\0選擇後端 [anydbm]:\0選擇模板 [classic]:\0顯示所有\0顯示未分配\0顯示問題:\0抱歉,沒有對 "%(topic)s" 的說明信息\0抱歉,再試一次...\0抱歉,在這個操作系統上不能以守護進程的方式來運行服務\0降序排列:\0排序按 \0排序按:\0開始在:\0狀態\0狀態:\0提交變動\0提交新的項\0推遲\0模板:\0鏈接的類別 %(classname)s 不再存在\0存在未被保存的改動。提交嗎(y/N)?\0時區\0標題\0標題:\0想要建立新的關鍵字,請點擊下面的 "提交新的項"。\0為編輯一個存在的關鍵字(由於拼寫或打字錯誤),在上面的項目上點擊。\0提供了太多的參數了\0主題\0主題:\0主題\0Tracker根目錄\0Tracker根目錄 - ${tracker}\0類型\0無法綁定到端口 %s, 端口已經被佔用。\0未知命令 "%(command)s" ("help commands" 查看命令列表)\0未知郵件地址\0未知用戶名\0無法識別的字符集:%r\0已上傳\0上傳由\0用法:%(program)s [-v] [-c] [[-C class] -S field=value]* <instance home> [method]
562 -v: 列印版本並且退出
563 -c: 用來建立條目的預設類型(其它是tracker的MAIL_DEFAULT_CLASS)
564 -C / -S: 看下面
566Roundup 郵件網關會以四種方式被調用:
567 . 實例起始目錄作為唯一參數,
568 . 實例起始目錄和郵件脫機(spool)文件,
569 . 實例起始目錄和 POP/APOP 服務器帳號,或者
570 . 實例起始目錄和 IMAP/IMAPS 服務器帳號。
572也支持使用可選的 -C 或 -S 參數,它們允許你為roundup-mailgw所建立的類
573設置域。如果沒有指定,則預設的類是 msg,但是其它的類:issue, file, user
574也可以使用。-S 或 --set 選項使用 property=value[;property=value] 表示法,
575它們可以被 Roundup 命令的命令行或可以指定一封郵件信息標題行的命令所接受。
580 在第一種方式下,郵件網關從標準輸入讀取單條信息,並將信息提交給 roundup.mailgw
581 模塊。
583UNIX mailbox:
584 在第二種方式下,網關從郵件脫機文件中讀取所有的信息,並按順序提交給
585 roundup.mailgw 模塊。一旦所有信息被成功處理,文件被清空。這個文件被
586 指定為:
587 mailbox /path/to/mailbox
590 在第三種方式下,網關從指定的 POP 服務器讀出所有信息,並按順序提交到
591 roundup.mailgw 模塊。服務器被指定為:
592 pop username:password@server
593 用戶名和口令可以被省略:
594 pop username@server
595 pop server
596 都是有效的。如果沒有提供用戶名或口令都將在命令行被提示。
599 同 POP,但使用認證的 POP:
600 apop username:password@server
603 聯接到 IMAP 服務器。它支持同 POP 郵件相同的寫法。
604 imap username:password@server
605 除了 INBOX 外還允許你指定一個特別的郵箱,
606 使用這種格式: imap username:password@server mailbox
609 通過ssl聯接到 IMAP 服務器。
610 它支持同 IMAP 一樣的寫法。
611 imaps username:password@server [mailbox]
614 提交在一個交互會話中所產生的改動。
616 在一個交互會話中所產生的改動不會自動寫入數據庫 - 它們必須使用此命令
617 來提交。
618 在命令行中的 One-off 命令如果成功會被自動提交。
619 \0用法:create classname property=value ...
620 建立一個給定類的新記錄。
622 建立一個給定類的新記錄,將使用 "create" 命令行後面的屬性 name=value 參數。
623 \0用法:display designator[,designator]*
624 顯示給出結點的屬性值。
626 將顯示給出結點的屬性和相應的值。
627 \0用法:export [class[,class]] export_dir
628 導出數據庫為冒號分隔值的文件。
630 對於導出的可選限制只是類名。
632 這個動作從數據庫中導出當前的數據到以冒號分隔值的文件中去,它們將存
633 放在指定的目標目錄中。
634 \0用法:find classname propname=value ...
635 根據給定的 link 屬性值來查找給定類型的結點。
637 根據給定的 link 屬性值來查找給定類型的結點。這個值或者是鏈接結點的結點ID,
638 或者是結點的鍵值。
639 \0用法:get property designator[,designator]*
640 得到指定屬性一個或多個指示器(designator)。
642 通過指示器(designator)來得到指定結點的屬性值。
643 \0用法:help topic
644 給出關於主題的說明。
646 commands -- 列出命令
647 <command> -- 指定命令的說明規範
648 initopts -- 初始化命令選項
649 all -- 所有可用的說明
650 \0用法:history designator
651 顯示指示器(designator)的歷史記錄。
653 顯示由指示器(designator)指明的結點的日誌記錄。
654 \0用法:import import_dir
655 從包含 CSV 文件的目錄中導入數據庫,一個類有兩個文件用於導入。
657 用於導入的文件為:
659 <class>.csv
660 它必須定義與類型一樣的屬性(包括一個 "header" 行包含那些
661 屬性的名字。)
662 <class>-journals.csv
663 它用來定義被導入的條目的日誌。
665 被導入的結點將具與在導入文件中一樣的結點id,以便可以替換任何
666 任何已經存在的內容。
667 新結點被加入到已經存在的數據庫中 - 如果你想要使用導入數據來建
668 立一個新的數據庫,那麼創建一個新數據庫(或者,麻煩點,回收所有
669 舊數據。)
670 \0用法:initialise [adminpw]
671 初始化一個新的tracker。
673 管理員的信息需要在這一步進行設置。
675 執行tracker的初始化函數 dbinit.init()
676 \0用法:install [template [backend [admin password]]]
677 安裝一個新的tracker實例。
679 這個命令將提示輸入 tracker 起始目錄
680 (如果沒有通過 TRACKER_HOME 或 -i 選項提供)。
681 模板、後端和管理員口令應該在命令行按順序以參數的形式被指定。
683 初始化(initialise)命令必須在這個命令之後被調用,以便初始化tracker數
684 據庫。你可以在運行初始化命令之前編輯 tracker 的 模塊的
685 init() 方法來修改 tracker 的初始數據庫內容。
687 請查看初始化參數說明。
688 \0用法:list classname [property]
689 列出類型的實例。
691 列出所有給定類型的實例。如果屬性未被指定,則使用 "label" 屬性。
692 label 屬性以下列順序進行嘗試:鍵、"name"、"title" 和按字典順序
693 的第一個屬性。
695 如果沒有指定屬性,使用 -c, -S 或 -s 會列印出條目 id 的列表。如果指
696 定了屬性,對每個類型實例會列印出這個屬性。
697 \0用法:pack period | date
699 刪除早於指定的時期或日期的舊的流水記錄。
701 一個時期使用後綴 "y", "m", 和 "d"。後綴 "w"(表示 "week")
702 表示 7 天。
704 "3y" 表示3年
705 "2y 1m" 表示2年1個月
706 "1m 25d" 表示1月25天
707 "2w 3d" 表示2周3天
709 日期格式是 "YYYY-MM-DD" 例如:
710 2001-01-01
712 \0用法:reindex [classname|designator]*
713 重新生成 tracker 的搜索索引。
715 重新生成 tracker 的搜索索引,它將自動進行。
716 \0Usage: restore designator[,designator]*
717 恢復由指示器(designator)表明的已經回收的結點。
719 給定的結點將對用戶來說再次生效。
720 \0用法:retire designator[,designator]*
721 回收由指示器(designator)所指明的結點。
723 這個動作指明一個特別的結點將不能被 list 或 find 命令得到,並且
724 它的鍵值可以被重用。
725 \0用法:rollback
726 撤銷所有未提交到數據庫的改動。
728 在交互對話中產生的改動並不自動寫到數據庫中 - 它們必須被手工提交。
729 這個命令用來撤銷所有這些改動,所以在後面跟上提交的話不會對數據庫
730 產生變化。
731 \0用法:security [角色名]
732 顯示一個或多個角色的權限。
733 \0用法:set items property=value property=value ...
734 設置一個或多個條目的屬性。
736 條目指的是一個類別,或以逗號分隔的項目指示器(designator)列表(例如:"designator[,designator,...]")。
738 這個命令為所有給出的指示器(designator)設置屬性值。如果屬性值被省略
739 (例如:"property=")那麼屬性是未設置的。如果屬性是一個多鏈接(multilink),
740 你需要為多鏈接提供用逗號分隔的數字(例如 "1,2,3")。
741 \0用法: specification classname
742 顯示一個類型名的屬性。
744 會列出給定類型的屬性。
745 \0用法:table classname [property[,property]*]
746 以表格的表式列出類型的實例。
748 列出給定類型的所有實例。如果沒有指定屬性,所有屬性都會顯示出來。
749 預設情況下,列的寬度是最大值的寬度。這個寬度通過定義屬性為 "name:width"
750 被顯示地定義。例如:
752 roundup> table priority id,name:10
753 Id Name
754 1 fatal-bug
755 2 bug
756 3 usability
757 4 feature
759 也可以讓列的寬度為標籤的寬度,在屬性上沒有寬度值。例如:
761 roundup> table priority id,name:
762 Id Name
763 1 fata
764 2 bug
765 3 usab
766 4 feat
768 將生成4個字符寬的 "Name" 列。
769 \0用戶 [${id}]: ${title} - ${tracker}\0用戶 %(user)s 不存在\0用戶列表\0用戶編輯 - ${tracker}\0用戶列表\0用戶列表 - ${tracker}\0用戶 [${id}]\0用戶 [${id}] 編輯\0用戶名\0需要用戶名\0用戶名:\0查看:${link}\0警告:數據庫已經被初始化!
771刪除它嗎?Y/N: \0警告:在 "%(tracker_home)s" 已經存在一個tracker了!
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