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1Building Releases
4Roundup is currently a source-only release - it has no binary components. I
5want it to stay that way, too. This document describes how to build a
6source release. Users of Roundup should read the doc/installation.txt file
7to find out how to install this software.
9Building and distributing a release of Roundup is done by running:
111. Make sure the unit tests run! "./"
122. Edit roundup/ and doc/announcement.txt to reflect the new
13 version and appropriate announcements. Add truncated announcement to
14 description field.
153. Note the SVN revision in the CHANGES.txt file.
164. Clean out all *.orig, *.rej, .#* files from the source.
175. python clean --all
186. Edit to ensure that all information therein (version, contact
19 information etc) is correct.
207. python sdist --manifest-only
218. Check the MANIFEST to make sure that any new files are included. If
22 they are not, edit to include them. "Documentation" for
23 may be found in disutils.filelist._parse_template_line.
249. python sdist
25 (if you find sdist a little verbose, add "--quiet" to the end of the
26 command)
2710. Unpack the new dist file in /tmp then a) and b)
28 with all available Python versions.
2911. Assuming all is well tag the release in SVN::
31 svn cp \
3411. python bdist_rpm
3512. python bdist_wininst
3613. Send doc/announcement.txt to and
37 and
40So, those commands in a nice, cut'n'pasteable form::
42 find . -name '*.orig' -exec rm {} \;
43 find . -name '*.rej' -exec rm {} \;
44 find . -name '.#*' -exec rm {} \;
45 python clean --all
46 python sdist --manifest-only
47 python sdist --quiet
48 python bdist_rpm
49 python bdist_wininst
50 python register
51 python sdist upload --sign
52 python bdist_wininst upload --sign
54(if the last two fail make sure you're using python2.5+)