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1Current dialplan flags used by app_conference
2Please note that app_conference is still work in progress, so this document might be outdated. As always, the source code is the definitive reference (member.c in create_member())
4Mute/no receive options:
5'C' : member starts with video muted
6'c' : member starts unable to receive video
7'L' : member starts with audio muted
8'l' : member starts unable to receive audio
10Speex preprocessing options (right now app_conference does preprocessing only for Zaptel members):
11'V' : enable speex preprocessing Voice Activity Detection
12'D' : enable speex preprocessing De-noise
13'A' : enable speex preprocessing Automatic Gain Control
14'T' : member connects through Zaptel, so speex preprocessing should be enabled
16DTMF options:
17'X' : enable DTMF switch: video can be switched by users using DTMF. Do not use with 'S'.
18'R' : enable DTMF relay: DTMF tones generate a manager event
19If neither 'X' nor 'R' are present, DTMF tones will be forwarded to all members in the conference
21Moderator/video switch options:
22'M' : member is a "moderator". When a moderator quits, all members are kicked and the conference is disabled.
23'S' : member accepts VAD controlled video switching. Do not use with 'X'.
26't' : member accepts text based control messages. The messages are described in a separate document
27'N' : Assume that the member starts off with camera disabled.
29Future development (these are not implemented yet):
30'x' : marked member. We plan to change the behavior so that when ALL moderators quit, all members that are marked will get kicked. Other members in the conference are not affected.