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[aidenligne_francais_universite.git] / fluxbb / lang / English / help.php
1 <?php
3 // Language definitions used in help.php
4 $lang_help = array(
6 'Help' => 'Help',
7 'produces' => 'produces',
9 'BBCode info 1' => 'BBCode is a collection of formatting tags that are used to change the look of text in this forum. BBCode is based on the same principal as, and is very similar to, HTML. Below is a list of all the available BBCodes and instructions on how to use them.',
10 'BBCode info 2' => 'Administrators have the ability to enable or disable BBCode. You can tell if BBCode is enabled or disabled out in the left margin whenever you post a message or edit your signature.',
12 'Text style' => 'Text style',
13 'Text style info' => 'The following tags change the appearance of text:',
14 'Bold text' => 'Bold text',
15 'Underlined text' => 'Underlined text',
16 'Italic text' => 'Italic text',
17 'Red text' => 'Red text',
18 'Blue text' => 'Blue text',
20 'Links and images' => 'Links and images',
21 'Links info' => 'You can create links to other documents or to e-mail addresses using the following tags:',
22 'My e-mail address' => 'My e-mail address',
23 'Images info' => 'If you want to display an image you can use the img tag.',
25 'Quotes' => 'Quotes',
26 'Quotes info' => 'If you want to quote someone, you should use the quote tag.',
27 'Quotes info 2' => 'If you don\'t want to quote anyone in particular, you can use the quote tag without specifying a name.',
28 'Quote text' => 'This is the text i want to quote.',
29 'produces quote box' => 'produces a quote box like this:',
31 'Code' => 'Code',
32 'Code info' => 'When displaying source code you should make sure that you use the code tag. Text displayed with the code tag will use a monospaced font and will not be affected by other tags.',
33 'Code text' => 'This is some code.',
34 'produces code box' => 'produces a code box like this:',
36 'Nested tags' => 'Nested tags',
37 'Nested tags info' => 'BBCode can be nested to create more advanced formatting. For example:',
38 'Bold, underlined text' => 'Bold, underlined text',
40 'Smilies info' => 'If you like (and if it is enabled), the forum can convert a series of smilies to images representations of that smiley. This forum recognizes the following smilies and replaces them with images:'
42 );