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[aidenligne_francais_universite.git] / fluxbb / lang / English / search.php
3// Language definitions used in search.php
4$lang_search = array(
6// The search form
7'User search' => 'User search',
8'No search permission' => 'You do not have permission to use the search feature.',
9'Search' => 'Search',
10'Search criteria legend' => 'Enter your search criteria',
11'Search info' => 'To search by keyword, enter a term or terms to search for. Separate terms with spaces. Use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search. To search by author enter the username of the author whose posts you wish to search for. Use wildcard character * for partial matches.',
12'Keyword search' => 'Keyword search',
13'Author search' => 'Author search',
14'Search in legend' => 'Select where to search',
15'Search in info' => 'Choose in which forum you would like to search and if you want to search in topic subjects, message text or both.',
16'Forum search' => 'Forum',
17'All forums' => 'All forums',
18'Search in' => 'Search in',
19'Message and subject' => 'Message text and topic subject',
20'Message only' => 'Message text only',
21'Topic only' => 'Topic subject only',
22'Sort by' => 'Sort by',
23'Sort order' => 'Sort order',
24'Search results legend' => 'Select how to view search results',
25'Search results info' => 'You can choose how you wish to sort and show your results.',
26'Sort by post time' => 'Post time',
27'Sort by author' => 'Author',
28'Sort by subject' => 'Subject',
29'Sort by forum' => 'Forum',
30'Ascending' => 'Ascending',
31'Descending' => 'Descending',
32'Show as' => 'Show results as',
33'Show as topics' => 'Topics',
34'Show as posts' => 'Posts',
36// Results
37'Search results' => 'Search results',
38'No terms' => 'You have to enter at least one keyword and/or an author to search for.',
39'No hits' => 'Your search returned no hits.',
40'No user posts' => 'There are no posts by this user in this forum.',
41'No subscriptions' => 'You are currently not subscribed to any topics.',
42'No new posts' => 'There are no topics with new posts since your last visit.',
43'No recent posts' => 'No new posts have been made within the last 24 hours.',
44'No unanswered' => 'There are no unanswered posts in this forum.',
45'Go to post' => 'Go to post'