[aidenligne_francais_universite.git] / fluxbb / lang / English / profile.php
3// Language definitions used in profile.php
4$lang_profile = array(
6// Navigation and sections
7'Profile menu' => 'Profile menu',
8'Section essentials' => 'Essentials',
9'Section personal' => 'Personal',
10'Section messaging' => 'Messaging',
11'Section personality' => 'Personality',
12'Section display' => 'Display',
13'Section privacy' => 'Privacy',
14'Section admin' => 'Administration',
16// Miscellaneous
17'Username and pass legend' => 'Enter your username and password',
18'Personal details legend' => 'Enter your personal details',
19'Contact details legend' => 'Enter your messaging details',
20'Options display' => 'Set your display options',
21'Options post' => 'Set your post viewing options',
22'User activity' => 'User activity',
23'Paginate info' => 'Enter the number of topics and posts you wish to view on each page.',
25// Password stuff
26'Pass key bad' => 'The specified password activation key was incorrect or has expired. Please re-request a new password. If that fails, contact the forum administrator at',
27'Pass updated' => 'Your password has been updated. You can now login with your new password.',
28'Pass updated redirect' => 'Password updated. Redirecting &hellip;',
29'Wrong pass' => 'Wrong old password.',
30'Change pass' => 'Change password',
31'Change pass legend' => 'Enter and confirm your new password',
32'Old pass' => 'Old password',
33'New pass' => 'New password',
34'Confirm new pass' => 'Confirm new password',
36// E-mail stuff
37'E-mail key bad' => 'The specified e-mail activation key was incorrect or has expired. Please re-request change of e-mail address. If that fails, contact the forum administrator at',
38'E-mail updated' => 'Your e-mail address has been updated.',
39'Activate e-mail sent' => 'An email has been sent to the specified address with instructions on how to activate the new e-mail address. If it doesn\'t arrive you can contact the forum administrator at',
40'E-mail legend' => 'Enter your new e-mail address',
41'E-mail instructions' => 'An e-mail will be sent to your new address with an activation link. You must click the link in the e-mail you receive to activate the new address.',
42'Change e-mail' => 'Change e-mail address',
43'New e-mail' => 'New e-mail',
45// Avatar upload stuff
46'Avatars disabled' => 'The administrator has disabled avatar support.',
47'Too large ini' => 'The selected file was too large to upload. The server didn\'t allow the upload.',
48'Partial upload' => 'The selected file was only partially uploaded. Please try again.',
49'No tmp directory' => 'PHP was unable to save the uploaded file to a temporary location.',
50'No file' => 'You did not select a file for upload.',
51'Bad type' => 'The file you tried to upload is not of an allowed type. Allowed types are gif, jpeg and png.',
52'Too wide or high' => 'The file you tried to upload is wider and/or higher than the maximum allowed',
53'Too large' => 'The file you tried to upload is larger than the maximum allowed',
54'pixels' => 'pixels',
55'bytes' => 'bytes',
56'Move failed' => 'The server was unable to save the uploaded file. Please contact the forum administrator at',
57'Unknown failure' => 'An unknown error occurred. Please try again.',
58'Avatar upload redirect' => 'Avatar uploaded. Redirecting &hellip;',
59'Avatar deleted redirect' => 'Avatar deleted. Redirecting &hellip;',
60'Avatar desc' => 'An avatar is a small image that will be displayed under your username in your posts. It must not be any bigger than',
61'Upload avatar' => 'Upload avatar',
62'Upload avatar legend' => 'Enter an avatar file to upload',
63'Delete avatar' => 'Delete avatar', // only for admins
64'File' => 'File',
65'Upload' => 'Upload', // submit button
67// Form validation stuff
68'Dupe username' => 'Someone else has already registered with that username. Please go back and try a different username.',
69'Forbidden title' => 'The title you entered contains a forbidden word. You must choose a different title.',
70'Profile redirect' => 'Profile updated. Redirecting &hellip;',
72// Profile display stuff
73'Not activated' => 'This user hasn\'t activated his/her account yet. The account is activated when he/she logs in the first time.',
74'Unknown' => '(Unknown)', // This is displayed when a user hasn't filled out profile field (e.g. Location)
75'Private' => '(Private)', // This is displayed when a user does not want to receive e-mails
76'No avatar' => '(No avatar)',
77'Show posts' => 'Show all posts',
78'Realname' => 'Real name',
79'Location' => 'Location',
80'Website' => 'Website',
81'Jabber' => 'Jabber',
82'ICQ' => 'ICQ',
83'MSN' => 'MSN Messenger',
84'AOL IM' => 'AOL IM',
85'Yahoo' => 'Yahoo! Messenger',
86'Avatar' => 'Avatar',
87'Signature' => 'Signature',
88'Sig max length' => 'Max length',
89'Sig max lines' => 'Max lines',
90'Avatar legend' => 'Set your avatar display options',
91'Avatar info' => 'An avatar is a small image that will be displayed with all your posts. You can upload an avatar by clicking the link below. The checkbox \'Use avatar\' below must be checked in order for the avatar to be visible in your posts.',
92'Change avatar' => 'Change avatar',
93'Use avatar' => 'Use avatar.',
94'Signature legend' => 'Compose your signature',
95'Signature info' => 'A signature is a small piece of text that is attached to your posts. In it, you can enter just about anything you like. Perhaps you would like to enter your favourite quote or your star sign. It\'s up to you! In your signature you can use BBCode if it is allowed in this particular forum. You can see the features that are allowed/enabled listed below whenever you edit your signature.',
96'Sig preview' => 'Current signature preview:',
97'No sig' => 'No signature currently stored in profile.',
98'Topics per page' => 'Topics',
99'Topics per page info' => 'This setting controls how many topics are displayed per page when you view a forum. If you are uncertain about what to use, you can just leave it blank and the forum default will be used.',
100'Posts per page' => 'Posts',
101'Posts per page info' => 'This setting controls how many posts are displayed per page when you view a topic. If you are uncertain about what to use, you can just leave it blank and the forum default will be used.',
102'Leave blank' => 'Leave blank to use forum default.',
103'Notify full' => 'Include post in subscription e-mails.',
104'Notify full info' => 'With this enabled, a plain text version of the new post will be included in subscription notification e-mails.',
105'Show smilies' => 'Show smilies as graphic icons',
106'Show smilies info' => 'If you enable this option, small images will be displayed instead of text smilies.',
107'Show images' => 'Show images in posts.',
108'Show images info' => 'Disable this if you don\'t want to see images in posts (i.e. images displayed with the [img]-tag).',
109'Show images sigs' => 'Show images in user signatures.',
110'Show images sigs info' => 'Disable this if you don\'t want to see images in signatures (i.e. images displayed with the [img]-tag).',
111'Show avatars' => 'Show user avatars in posts.',
112'Show avatars info' => 'This option toggles whether user avatar images will be displayed in posts or not.',
113'Show sigs' => 'Show user signatures.',
114'Show sigs info' => 'Enable if you would like to see user signatures.',
115'Style legend' => 'Select your preferred style',
116'Style info' => 'If you like you can use a different visual style for this forum.',
117'Admin note' => 'Admin note',
118'Pagination legend' => 'Enter your pagination options',
119'Post display legend' => 'Set your options for viewing posts',
120'Post display info' => 'If you are on a slow connection, disabling these options, particularly showing images in posts and signatures, will make pages load faster.',
121'Instructions' => 'When you update your profile, you will be redirected back to this page.',
123// Administration stuff
124'Group membership legend' => 'Choose user group',
125'Save' => 'Save',
126'Set mods legend' => 'Set moderator access',
127'Moderator in' => 'Moderator in',
128'Moderator in info' => 'Choose what forums this user should be allowed to moderate. Note: This only applies to moderators. Administrators always have full permissions in all forums.',
129'Update forums' => 'Update forums',
130'Delete ban legend' => 'Delete (administrators only) or ban user',
131'Delete user' => 'Delete user',
132'Ban user' => 'Ban user',
133'Confirm delete legend' => 'Important: read before deleting user',
134'Confirm delete user' => 'Confirm delete user',
135'Confirmation info' => 'Please confirm that you want to delete the user', // the username will be appended to this string
136'Delete warning' => 'Warning! Deleted users and/or posts cannot be restored. If you choose not to delete the posts made by this user, the posts can only be deleted manually at a later time.',
137'Delete posts' => 'Delete any posts and topics this user has made.',
138'Delete' => 'Delete', // submit button (confirm user delete)
139'User delete redirect' => 'User deleted. Redirecting &hellip;',
140'Group membership redirect' => 'Group membership saved. Redirecting &hellip;',
141'Update forums redirect' => 'Forum moderator rights updated. Redirecting &hellip;',
142'Ban redirect' => 'Redirecting &hellip;'