[aidenligne_francais_universite.git] / fluxbb / lang / English / misc.php
3// Language definitions used in various scripts
4$lang_misc = array(
6'Mark read redirect' => 'All topics and forums have been marked as read. Redirecting &hellip;',
8// Send e-mail
9'Form e-mail disabled' => 'The user you are trying to send an e-mail to has disabled form e-mail.',
10'No e-mail subject' => 'You must enter a subject.',
11'No e-mail message' => 'You must enter a message.',
12'Too long e-mail message' => 'Messages cannot be longer than 65535 characters (64 KB).',
13'E-mail sent redirect' => 'E-mail sent. Redirecting &hellip;',
14'Send e-mail to' => 'Send e-mail to',
15'E-mail subject' => 'Subject',
16'E-mail message' => 'Message',
17'E-mail disclosure note' => 'Please note that by using this form, your e-mail address will be disclosed to the recipient.',
18'Write e-mail' => 'Write and submit your e-mail message',
20// Report
21'No reason' => 'You must enter a reason.',
22'Report redirect' => 'Post reported. Redirecting &hellip;',
23'Report post' => 'Report post',
24'Reason' => 'Reason',
25'Reason desc' => 'Please enter a short reason why you are reporting this post',
27// Subscriptions
28'Already subscribed' => 'You are already subscribed to this topic.',
29'Subscribe redirect' => 'Your subscription has been added. Redirecting &hellip;',
30'Not subscribed' => 'You are not subscribed to this topic.',
31'Unsubscribe redirect' => 'Your subscription has been removed. Redirecting &hellip;',
33// General forum and topic moderation
34'Moderate' => 'Moderate',
35'Select' => 'Select', // the header of a column of checkboxes
36'Move' => 'Move',
37'Delete' => 'Delete',
39// Moderate forum
40'Open' => 'Open',
41'Close' => 'Close',
42'Move topic' => 'Move topic',
43'Move topics' => 'Move topics',
44'Move legend' => 'Select destination of move',
45'Move to' => 'Move to',
46'Leave redirect' => 'Leave redirect topic(s)',
47'Move topic redirect' => 'Topic moved. Redirecting &hellip;',
48'Move topics redirect' => 'Topics moved. Redirecting &hellip;',
49'Confirm delete legend' => 'Please confirm deletion',
50'Delete topics' => 'Delete topics',
51'Delete topics comply' => 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected topics?',
52'Delete topics redirect' => 'Topics deleted. Redirecting &hellip;',
53'Open topic redirect' => 'Topic opened. Redirecting &hellip;',
54'Open topics redirect' => 'Topics opened. Redirecting &hellip;',
55'Close topic redirect' => 'Topic closed. Redirecting &hellip;',
56'Close topics redirect' => 'Topics closed. Redirecting &hellip;',
57'No topics selected' => 'You must select at least one topic for move/delete/open/close.',
58'Stick topic redirect' => 'Topic sticked. Redirecting &hellip;',
59'Unstick topic redirect' => 'Topic unsticked. Redirecting &hellip;',
61// Delete multiple posts in topic
62'Delete posts' => 'Delete posts',
63'Delete posts comply' => 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected posts?',
64'Delete posts redirect' => 'Posts deleted. Redirecting &hellip;',
65'No posts selected' => 'You must select at least one post to be deleted.'